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2.6 Spring data JPA with Boot


  • Spring Data JPA
  • When to use Spring Data JPA?
  • Spring Data JPA Example
  • Spring JAP Example Sample Data
  • Spring Data JPA Maven Project Structure
  • Spring Data JPA Maven Dependencies
  • Spring Configuration Classes
  • Model Class
  • Validations
  • Save/Persist Entity Example
  • Remove/Delete Entity Example
  • Native SELECT SQL Query Example
  • Native UPDATE SQL Query Example
  • Native DELETE SQL Query Example
  • Executing Stored Procedure
  • Spring Data JPA Repository
  • Spring Service Class
  • Spring Data JPA Testing
  • Many-to-one Entity Mapping Example
  • one-to-one Entity Mapping Example
  • one-to-Many Entity Mapping Example
  • Many-to-Many Entity Mapping Example
  • Inheritance
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