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iOS Application Development Using Swift

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Swift Overview

iOS Application Development Using Swift: Swift is another programming language for iOS and OS X apps. It was first introduced in June 2014. It expands on the best of C and Objective-C, without the constraints of C compatibility. Swift receives safe programming examples and adds present-day highlights to make programming less demanding, more flexible, and more fun. Swift has a clean slate that is supported by the developed and much adored Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks.

Take a quick look and then decide which technology is best learned for iOS Development:
Objective-c or Swift

iOS app development experts have clearly expressed that the significant launch of swift doesn’t suggest the demise of Objective-C; however that it will become the accepted language for iOS app development for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watch and more devices.

The language which was represented as Objective-C without C by the beginner Apple is protected, present day, speedier, compiler upgraded and packed with an abnormal state of interactivity aids responsive and consumer-facing application development without an hitch.

Be that as it may, the launch introduced a predicament of making a decision between the two OOP languages-Swift and Objective-C. It conveyed a great deal of confusion to the mobile app developers and created a space for the discussion with reference to whether it is better learned for iOS development.



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