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Fundamentals of Magento Development

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Fundamentals of Magento Development are some of the Essential development skills for implementing and customizing solutions on the Magento eCommerce platform

Duration5 days (Classroom), 40 hours (On-Demand)

Target audience

Developers who want to learn the architecture, terminology, and core functionality of Magento, in addition with best practices for extending the platform. This course is appropriate for both developers who are new to Magento as well as those developers who are experienced with launching and extending the platform.


Students must be familiar with developing in a LAMP environment and have a basic understanding of UNIX-based systems.  Students must have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML, PHP 5.0+ and object-oriented programming techniques. Familiarity with MVC and Zend Framework is strongly recommended but not required. Students should have at least 2 years of PHP experience and understand the basic principles of database operations (e.g., foreign keys, difference between engines, query, and schema optimization).

Course Overview

This course will introduce the new Magento developer to the Magento architecture. moreover the course will take the student through the process of Magento rendering, request flow, Admin html, database, an EAV. however the course is lecture-lab format with extended hands-on exercises on Magento EE. MVC and data models, meanwhile how to work with Magento modules, and how to customize and extend Magento to ensure the best upgrade path for the websites they extend.

Learning Objectives

  • Above all Understand basic Magento structure.
  • Be familiar with terminology and core functionality
  • certainly Be able to perform basic functions such as:
  • Setting up new modules
  • Creating a new table in the database
  • Writing an upgrade script
  • Setting up new configuration variables
  • Becoming familiar with basic Magento customization techniques such as:
  • Overriding classes
  • Using observers
  • Creating custom controllers
  • Overriding controller/action
  • Performing basic operations with layouts
  • Performing basic skinning operations


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