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Eclipse 4 Application (E4) Course

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Eclipse 4 Application (E4) is the next major release stream of the Eclipse RCP SDK. While Eclipse 3.x is great technology, the software landscape is changing, requiring core innovations within Eclipse. The Eclipse e4 team has taken on this challenge and reimplemented basic parts of the Eclipse Platform following new paradigms. The core goals of the project are to decrease complexity and to make Eclipse applications visually more appealing. Eclipse 4 introduces innovative programming techniques such as dependency injection, annotations and CSS styling. It reduces complexity by providing a consistent model of the workbench, based on EMF.

This course introduces the most important features of the new Eclipse Platform, highlights the major improvements over Eclipse 3.x and enables participants to develop applications based on Eclipse 4 Application (E4).

Course participants will iteratively create an Eclipse 4 application including a workbench, views, menu items and services. The course will also show how the application can be styled using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Finally, participants will learn how innovations from Eclipse 4 can be integrated into existing applications based on Eclipse 3.x.

This course is designed by Eclipse project leads and committers. Basic experience with Eclipse RCP development or the equivalent course is a prerequisite for this course.

Duration: 2 days


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