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Cloud Computing is a modern day on demand delivery of IT Infrastructure. Rather than buying and owning the premises or space , it has pay-as-you-go facility. Cloud is more cheaper than traditional computing. Cloud is faster as it saves a lot of time. On demand facility, networking capabilities, servers, stores data all these are the  good side of cloud. It provides services in SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Serverless, FaaS

SaaS is a Software as a service application in the cloud, can be used with web. PaaS  is a software developing platform like hardware, software stack, Infrastructure development.  IaaS is a Infrastructure as a service provides on demand fundamental computing resources. and so on..

Clouds can be in any form  like Public cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid cloud , multi cloud and hybrid cloud. Clouds are the most trusted space because of its security reasons.



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