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BI Platform: Admin Servers (Win)

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BI Platform: Admin Servers (Win):

Business Intelligence spans a varied set of toolset, of which the Data Ware House consolidates and loads the data from the different Source Systems, while reporting tools like Query Designer, Web Application Designer, and Analyzer are majorly used to create reports which display the data consolidated by the Datawarehouse for analysing purpose.

Business Intelligence is a SAP product which majorly focuses on providing its customers/organizations with a user friendly and very useful form of representing data that could be helpful for analyses purpose and making business decisions.

Explain the architecture in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform Configure SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, Perform common server management and administrative tasks in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform.

  • Manage and configure servers
  • Troubleshoot SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform
  • Single point of access to all information is possible through BI. The data from various sources can be accessed at the single place(i.e BI).
  • Data collected from various sources are presented in the form of reports which is efficient for analysis of the data at a high level.
  • SAP BI provides easy to use GUI and better formatting
  • Some of the key functionality that makes SAP BI better than rest is its ability to analyze multidimensional data sources in both web and MS office environments, flexible dashboards, mobility and a flexible, scalable BI platform.
  • SAP BI is known for its awesome query performance, while requiring little administration
  • Mobile BI for end users on the g
  • Easy Integration with other platforms


  • System Administrator. System Architect


  • Windows conventions
  • Familiarity with Windows Server administration and security concepts (global/local groups and directory structure)
  • Basic computer skills


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