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Basics of SharePoint

Locus IT ServicesBasics of SharePoint

Social Computing

Users have become comfortable using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social computing tools for communicating and collaborating in their personal lives. Many of the features found in these sites have been incorporated into SharePoint 2013—and the social experience is integrated with almost everything. In this module, students will learn how to use these features to improve how information is discovered, shared, and organized, and how to increase efficiency and flexibility in communication across the organization.

Questions that will be answered in this module include:

  • How do I edit My Profile?
  • How is My Profile Used?
  • What is a user’s Newsfeed?
  • What is a site Newsfeed?
  • How do I comment or reply to an item on the Newsfeed?
  • How do I share something on my Newsfeed?
  • What are hashtags? And how do I use them?
  • How do I “Like” something in SharePoint?
  • How do I follow People, Sites, Documents, and Topics?
  • How do I see what other people are following?
  • What is “SkyDrive Pro”?
  • How do I synchronize documents between my computer and My Site?
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