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SAP CRM Functional Course

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SAP CRM Functional Course

SAP CRM Functional Course is the Customer Relationship Management software that facilitates the user to focus on the customer value, loyalty, the profitability across the entire value chain using the front office and the back office functionality that aggregates the industry-specific processes.

The SAP CRM gives a web-based user interface which is unified across the CRM centric solutions that can be uniquely tailored comprehensively for business users and covering all the channels across the marketing, sales, and service followed up with embedded analytics and the end to end, industry-specific processes.

SAP CRM Functional Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction
  • Introduction of ERP and SAP
  • Introduction of CRM
Module 2: CRM Concepts
  • CRM Business Partners
  • Creation of BP (Business partners) on Category
  • Basic Settings (Field grouping, No range, etc.)
  • BP Grouping
  • BP Relationships
  • Visual Configuration Tools
Module 3: Organization Model
  • OM Concepts
  • CRM Organizational Model
  • Organizational Data Determination
Module 4: Territory Management
  • Territory Management
  • Hierarchy Levels, Hierarchy ID
  • Assigning employee to Hierarchy
Module 5: Product Master
  • Product types
  • Creation of Hierarchies and Categories
  • Creation of Attributes, Set types
Module 6: Activity Management
  • Business Activities / Task
  • Activity monitor
Module 7: Basic functions
  • Partner Processing
  • Access sequence
  • Partner determination procedure
Module 8: Sales Transaction
  • Enquiries & Quotations
  • Sales Order in SAP CRM Functional Course
  • Customizing Sales Transactions
  • Sales Order scenario in SAP CRM & R/3
Module 9: Data Flow
  • Data Flow in Business Transactions
  • Copy Control
  • Item category determination
Module 10: Marketing Management
  • Marketing plan Campaign management
  • BP Segmentation
  • Define Marketing Attributes and Attribute Sets
  • Create Data and Sample Source
  • Profile Set Details
  • Product Proposal
  • Personalized Mail forms
  • External List Management
  • Allocation Planning
  • Assigning Target group to channel
  • Campaign Execution
Module 11: Lead Management
  • Questionnaire/Evaluation for leads
  • Qualification level for leads
  • Origin, Priority, Group
Module 12: Sales Opportunity Management
  • Customizing Opportunities
  • Sales cycle, Phases
  • Origin, Group, Priority
Module 13: Service
  • Service organization
  • Service cycle
  • The Service Order
  • Service Confirmation
  • Complaints and Returns
  • Warranty management
Module 14: CRM Contact Channels
  • CIC (Customer Interaction Center)
  • Visible Components
  • Framework & Title Hidden Components
  • Action Box settings, Remainder scripting
  • Interactive scripting
  • ASAP Methodology
  • System Landscape
  • Middleware and Updates
  • Version updates
  • Features & Advantages
  • Screen changes
Module 15: Terminology
  • Web UI (User Interface)
  • Business Roles & Work Centers
  • Logical links/Direct links
  • Role Config keys
  • PFCG Roles
  • Navigation bar profile etc.

Locus IT’s SAP CRM Functional Course imbibes the skills needed by the large and mid-sized organizations of different sectors. The participants will earn functional capability by learning through different scenarios and the associated practical solutions on the CRM module.

The training explains how a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application supports an organization in many ways including automating, organizing and synchronizing the various operations covering customers, business partners, sales, marketing, and operations. For more information, please contact us.

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