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Salesforce App Builder (DEV 401) Exam

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Salesforce App Builder (DEV 401) Exam

Locus IT’s Salesforce App Builder (DEV 401) Exam training is designed for those who can demonstrate the skills and the knowledge in designing, building, and implementing custom applications using the declarative customization capabilities of the Lightning Platform.

The target audience includes anyone who desires to learn how to build apps on the Salesforce Platform, beginning Salesforce Developers, anyone Wishing to Pass the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Exam or any Certification Holders of the Developer 401 Certification Who Wish to Transition to the Platform App Builder Certification, Salesforce Administrators Who Wish to Learn Beginning Development Skills and Build Apps.

Salesforce App Builder (DEV 401) Exam Modules

Module 1 : Basic of Programming
  • Basics of programming
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Expressions
  • Looping Statement
  • Controlling Statement
  • Class
  • Objects
  • Functions
  • Architecture Apex /
  • Data Types in Salesforce
  • MVC pattern in Salesforce
  • Collections
  • Debug process and methodology
Module 2 : Building Logic through Programming
  • APEX Class
  • Visualforce
  • Apex Classes
  • Introduction to Trigger
  • Triggers in Salesforce
  • Trigger Scope in Salesforce
  • Trigger Types
  • Best Practices Triggers
  • Understanding Trigger Context Variables in Salesforce
  • Understanding Test Classes in Salesforce
  • Building Test Classes and execution
  • Code coverage understanding
  • Annotations
  • DML Statements
  • Insert statement
  • Update Statement
  • Delete Statement
  • Getting data from recycle bin
  • Introduction to Visual Force
  • Enabling VF for your Organization and Execution
  • Creating First VF page
  • Building Page Block Table in VF page
  • Building Form in VF page
  • Controllers
  • Types of Controllers
  • Standard Controllers
  • Custom Controllers
  • Controller Extension
  • Best Practices Visualforce
  • Bulkification
  • Exceptions
Module 3 : Query Language
  • Intro to SOQL
  • Query formation in SOQL
  • Intro to SOSL
  • Query formation in SOSL
  • DML statements in Salesforce
  • SOSL transformation
Module 4: Advanced APEX
  • Batch class
  • Schedule Class
  • Transaction Control

Salesforce App Builder (DEV 401) Exam is considered the starting point for Beginner and Aspiring Developers on the Salesforce Platform. Locus IT’s Salesforce App Builder (DEV 401) Exam course covers every core concept that you need to understand in order to pass the Platform App Builder Certification Exam. For more information, please contact us.

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