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Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Receivables Training

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Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Receivables Training

Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Receivables Training aims to deliver skills on managing accounts receivables for an organization using the Enterprise Business Suite R12.

It covers the following:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite R12: It builds a strong functional foundation in the E-Business Essentials including how to access and navigate within the R12 E-Business Suite, how to enter data, retrieves information in the form of a query and accesses the online help.
  • The Oracle Receivable Management Fundamentals: R12.x Oracle Receivable Specialist course covers the essentials of the Oracle E-business Suite Accounts Receivables process. Learn to manage the customer accounts, architect bill presentment processes, set up the receipt process, credit management, period closing, and the tax processing

Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Receivables Training Modules

Module 1: Order to Cash Life Cycle Overview
  • Describing the overall Order to Cash Process from the Order Entry through Bank Reconciliation
  • Discussing the key areas in Order to Cash Life Cycle
  • Describing the integration between the applications
Module 2: Overview of Oracle Receivables Process
  • Explaining where the Receivables processing is positioned within Order to Cash Life Cycle
  • Describing the overall Receivables Process
  • Discussing the key areas in the Receivables Process
Module 3: Manage Parties and Customer Accounts
  • Defining the Features to Enter and Maintain Party and the Customer Account Information
  • Creating the Profile Classes and Assigning them to the Customer Accounts
  • Creating and Maintaining Party and Customer Account Information
  • Enabling Customer Account Relationships
  • Defining TCA Party Paying Relationships
  • Merging Parties and Customer Accounts
  • Viewing Party and Customer Account Information
Module 4: Process Invoices Using Auto-Invoice
  • Describing the Auto-Invoice Process
  • Using Auto-Invoice in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Receivables Training
  • Correcting Errors Using Auto-Invoice Exception Handling
Module 5: Process Invoices
  • Describing How Processing Invoices Fits into Receivables Process
  • Entering and Completing Invoices
  • Correcting Invoices
  • Printing Transactions and Statements
  • Using Event-Based Management
  • Demonstrating Promised Commitment Accounts
Module 6: Bill Presentment Architecture
  • Explaining the Bill Presentment Architecture Processes
  • Registering Data Sources
  • Creating Templates to Present Bills
  • Defining Rules to Assign Templates to Customers
  • Printing BPA Invoices
Module 7: Credit Management
  • Demonstrating Credit Profile Changes
  • Understanding Setup Steps for Credit Management
  • Identifying Credit Management Processing
  • Using Workflow and Lookups
  • Reviewing Credit Management Performance
  • Applying Credit Hierarchy
Module 8: Implement Customer Invoicing
  • Entering Setup Information related to Invoicing
  • Understanding Key Implementation Considerations in Customer Invoicing
Module 9: Receipts
  • Describing the Receipt Process
  • Applying Receipts Using Different Methods
  • Creating Charge-backs, Adjustments, and Claims
  • Using Balancing Segments
  • Applying Non-Manual Receipts
Module 10: Implement Receipts
  • Entering Setup Information for Receipts
  • Discussing the Implementation Considerations
Module 11: Tax Processing
  • Understanding the Tax Accounting Process
  • Understanding Oracle E-Business Tax Setups for Receivables
  • Managing Tax Accounts and Tax Adjustments
Module 12: Period Closing
  • Understanding Sub-ledger Accounting Related to Period Closing
  • Defining Various Actions Required to Close a Period in Order to Cash E-Business Flow
  • Describing Available Reports Assisting in the Closing Process

Locus IT‘s Oracle’s E-Business Suite R12 Receivables training course is ideal for participants who have implemented the Oracle E-Business Suite. For more information, please contact us.

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