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INFOR LN Reporting Course

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INFOR LN Reporting Course

INFOR LN Reporting Course covers an introduction to LN native reporting using Application Studio and the integration of LN native reporting with Infor Reporting.

Infor Reporting provides a complete, server-based platform for adopting solutions to design and deliver reports and forms that are required to manage the day to day operations of an organization from a departmental perspective. This platform is designed to support a wide variety of reporting requirements, enabling organizations to deliver information across their entire enterprise.

The integration is built to use the power of Infor Reporting in an LN environment. The LN session reports can be redesigned as an Infor Reporting report design, which provides a modern layout with all types of features such as images, indicators and graphs.

INFOR LN Reporting Course Includes

Lesson 1: Introduction to LN Reporting
  • Explain LN reporting
  • Describe the two INFOR LN reporting solutions: the native reports and the Infor Reporting reports
Lesson 2: LN Application Studio Basics
  • Explain how to access the Application Studio and basic studio organization and layout
  • Explain Application Studio basic navigation techniques
Lesson 3: Modify an LN Native Report in the Application Studio
  • Explain how to modify an existing native report
  • Describe report output device mediums and procedures
Lesson 4: Create a New LN Report in the Application Studio
  • Describe how to create a new native report
Lesson 5: Report Scripts in Application Studio
  • Explain how adding a script can add the content to a report
  • Explain how to connect the new native report to the LN print session
Lesson 6: LN and Infor Reporting
  • Explain the relationship between an LN report, the Infor Reporting, and the Report Studio
Lesson 7: Infor Report Authoring
  • Describe how to modify the existing Infor Reporting design
  • Describe how to create the new Infor Reporting design for an LN native report
  • Explaining the benefits of formatting a report for the readability
  • Explain how to view the report in LN
  • Explain LN-specific functions

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