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INFOR LN Project Management Course

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INFOR LN Project Management Course

INFOR LN Project Management Course covers an overview of the LN Using Project Management functions and business processes. Estimating is a cost engineering process used to determine an estimate for the project using the estimate types, versions, structures, and the budget types to prepare a bid or proposal for the project.

An estimate can include the parts, assemblies, operations, subcontracting effort, equipment, and other direct and indirect costs. The use of estimating as part of an LN Project is optional.

INFOR LN Project Management Course Includes

Lesson 1: Project Master Data
  • Explain what the master data items are used for in INFOR LN Project
Lesson 2: Project Setup
  • Describe how to set up a project
  • Explain the use of project templates
Lesson 3: Contracts
  • Explain how to use project contracts
  • Explaining the use of invoice methods and billing cost lines
  • Explain the use of business partners and billing cycles
  • Describe how to use the additional information functionality
  • Explain how to use Contract 360
Lesson 4: Bottom-up Budgeting
  • Explain the creation and maintenance of a bottom-up budget
Lesson 5: Project Requirements Planning (PRP)
  • Describe how to use Requirements Planning to generate planned orders
Lesson 6: Procurement
  • Explain the purpose of using Procurement in projects
  • Describe how to review, approve, and receive a purchase order
Lesson 7: Hours Accounting (People accounting)
  • Explain the purpose of using hours accounting (People accounting)
  • Explain how to record the time against the project in People
Lesson 8: Invoicing
  • Explain the different Invoicing sessions in Project
  • Explain the tasks for using Invoicing
Lesson 9: Monitoring
  • Explain how control inquiries and reports are used to monitor projects in INFOR LN Project Management Course
Lesson 10: Closing
  • Explain the process for closing a complete project

Infor ERP LN is an enterprise resource planning solution designed for discrete and project-based industrial manufacturers. It enables the users to manage global business operations through an integrated system across all departments including finance, warehousing, freight management, and aftermarket services.

Features include an open-system platform, multi-plant business process modeling, multi-language capabilities, and core manufacturing functionality for make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, make-to-order, or engineer-to-order environments. For more information on how Locus IT’s INFOR LN Project Management Course can help you, please contact us.

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