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INFOR LN Foundation Course

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INFOR LN Foundation Course

The purpose of INFOR LN Foundation Course is to provide an overview of how Infor LN supports the end-to-end business processes commonly found in industrial machinery manufacturing.

INFOR LN Foundation Course provides the foundation of information required for other Infor LN courses. It covers an introduction to LN native reporting using Application Studio and the integration of LN native reporting with Infor Reporting.

The INFOR LN Foundation Course offers what business users in an organization require: a quick way to implement an advanced business intelligence environment for Infor LN.

INFOR LN Foundation Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to LN
  • Describe the LN ERP solution
  • Explain the benefits of LN as an ERP solution for various industries
Module 2: Dynamic Enterprise Modeler (DEM)
  • Identify the DEM components
  • Define the purposes of the Dynamic Enterprise Modeler
  • Explain how DEM Content Pack accelerates implementations
  • Identify the DEM Content Pack components
Module 3: Company definition and setup
  • Explain the item setup process
  • Explain the business partner setup process
  • Define company data and its uses
Module 4: Purchasing
  • Explain user profiles in INFOR LN Foundation Course
  • Describe the purchase order entry and approval process
  • Explain how to use Purchased Item 360 to check purchase order and inventory statuses
Module 5: Sales
  • Describe the sales order entry and approval process
  • Explain how to use the workbench to check sales order process statuses
  • Describe how to approve sales orders
Module 6: Warehouse processes
  • Describe the types of warehouses and their uses
  • List the various warehouse locations
  • Explain inbound and outbound warehousing procedures
  • Describe the goods in (receiving) procedures
  • Describe the goods out (shipping) procedures
Module 7: Item structures
  • Describe item structures and order policies
  • Explain item standards costs and cost calculations
Module 8: Enterprise planning
  • Describe the purpose of enterprise planning
  • Explain basic order planning and its uses in INFOR LN Foundation Course
Module 9: Manufacturing
  • Explain the various customer order decoupling points
  • Explain the overall manufacturing process
  • Describe order preparation
  • Describing the material issue process
  • Describe operation and order completion
  • Explain how to analyze costs
Module 10: Project
  • Explain the purpose of the Project package
  • Describe the project plan setup process
  • Explain how projects can be monitored
Module 11: Service
  • Describe the Service package
  • Describe configuration management
  • Explain how service calls are entered and used
  • Explain preventative maintenance plans and how they are set up
  • Define service contracts
  • Explain how service orders are used
  • Explain how maintenance sales orders are used for depot repairs
Module 12: Finance overview
  • Describe the various Finance modules
Module 13: General Ledger
  • Explain the purpose of the general ledger
  • Explain the purpose of general ledger transaction types
  • Describe the overall journal entry process
Module 14: Central Invoicing
  • Describe the invoicing process
Module 15: Accounts Receivable
  • Explain how to view open receivables
Module 16: Accounts Payable
  • Explain the invoice to purchase order matching process
  • Explain how to view open payables
  • Describe the payment authorization process
  • Describe the supplier payment process
Module 17: Cash Management
  • Describe the bank statement posting process

Locus IT‘s INFOR LN Foundation Course offers an optimal solution to implement an advanced business intelligence environment for the ERP system. The solution includes the common metrics that are required by the users for Quality Testing analysis and reporting. This helps the users to accomplish daily tasks effectively. For more information, please contact us.

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