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Certified SugarCRM Developer Specialist – SCP-401

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Certified SugarCRM Developer Specialist – SCP-401

A Certified SugarCRM Developer Specialist – SCP-401 creates tailor-made CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) on a SugarCRM base. Certified SugarCRM Developer Specialist – SCP-401 training provides fundamental knowledge of best practices and allows you to exhibit the skills needed to configure Sugar to meet the needs of your business.

Sugar is a highly customizable platform. By becoming a certified SugarCRM developer, you can display your ability to develop the solutions in Sugar that meet the requirements of your organization.

Certified SugarCRM Developer Specialist – SCP-401 Modules

Module 1: Application Design
  • Describe how to use the Sugar file system hierarchy to apply customization’s
  • Identify what are varlets and viewers
  • Identify the tool where you would review documented Sugar UX patterns
  • Describe the relationship between the Sidecar view’s context and metadata
  • Identify the roles of Sidecar components
  • Describe how Sugar metadata is used in the Sidecar applications
Module 2: Web Services
  • Describe architecture of the REST v10 API and the manner in which it can be extended
  • Describing how to log in to the REST v10 API
  • Describe how to perform the CRUD operations using the REST v10 API
Module 3: Developer Best Practices
  • Identify the correct ways to handle storing and retrieving the Sugar configuration values
  • Identify the proper way to load an instance of a Sugar Bean in Certified SugarCRM Developer Specialist – SCP-401
  • Describe the steps to create the custom Logic Hook
  • Describing the process of extending a Sidecar controller
  • Describe the process for customizing a Handlebars template
  • Identify the process of using the backbone events and API calls
  • Identify the module loader package requirements
  • Describe how to create a custom module
Module 4: Extensions Framework
  • Describe the advantages of using the extensions framework
  • Describe how to extend a Sidecar layout using extensions framework
Module 5: Database Schema
  • Identify database schema reflecting module customization’s
Module 6: Troubleshooting
  • Identify how to troubleshoot the Sugar infrastructure
  • Describe the troubleshooting methods for debugging errors in a Sugar application
  • Describe how to find problems in Handlebars templates

Locus IT’s Certified SugarCRM Developer Specialist – SCP-401 training methods allow you to gain the knowledge needed to become certified through the medium that is most suitable for you.  For more information, please contact us.

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