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SAP for Wholesale and Distribution Industry

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SAP for Wholesale and Distribution Industry

SAP for Wholesale and Distribution industry is fast changing because of the frequent changes in the end customer needs and demands.

This dynamic Wholesale and Distribution industry faces some of the toughest challenges like the shrinking margins, demanding customers and the increasing costs. SAP Business One serves as an ultimate solution for the business processes of the wholesale distribution industry.

Today, the wholesale distribution industry faces some of the greatest forces of change. Industry leaders must find ways to react to the powerful business trends, including:

  • Industry consolidation, globalization, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Customer demand for new types of value-added services, more proactive collaboration, and higher visibility into the distributor operations
  • Proliferation of the vendor cost recovery alternatives and the need to rapidly access information.

In response to these business trends and challenges, forward-looking distributors are evolving from just inventory managers to information managers. They are leveraging enabling technology and the SAP for Wholesale Distribution solution portfolio to:

  • Trim costs, achieve higher efficiencies, and drive higher employee and asset productivity
  • Make better decisions based on real-time information, strategic insight, and enterprise-wide visibility
  • Break down the silos that exist within the enterprise as well as extend themselves beyond their company’s four walls to collaborate with trading partners and drive business value for all
  • Drive profitable growth and increase shareholder value

This SAP Business One ERP software can help in effectively streamlining your entire order-to-cash process thereby enabling wholesalers and distributors to offer the customers and suppliers value added services.

SAP for Wholesale Distribution is a comprehensive, integrated set of solutions that gives companies of all sizes the industry-specific tools and functionality they need to improve operations and profitability, enable innovative business models, and provide the customers with a range of value-added services.

The solutions are available in a variety of languages and support multiple currencies, to fit the needs of the international or global business.

SAP for Wholesale Distribution supports a full range of industry processes from purchase order and inventory management to supplier- managed inventory, comprehensive returns management, and charge-backs.

The set of solutions integrates sales, logistics, and financial management functionality to support innovation and new services that meet the needs of your customers and your business. And it provides sophisticated tools that let you more easily analyze operations and profit ability to drive responsiveness and improvement – internally and across your supply chain network.

SAP for Wholesale Distribution solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges of the wholesale distributors. These solutions help you achieve superior business performance while effectively managing your entire enterprise – people, physical assets, business processes, and technology.

SAP Business One Benefits

  • Automated supply and distribution chain
  • Optimized inventory management
  • Modernized process for delivery and payment
  • Streamline order-to-cash process through automation in operations.
  • Real-time view of all transactions
  • Streamlines complex operations of Import and Export
  • Precise and up to date information on the special prices and the offers and the immediate details on the customer historic purchases that include any special promotions or schemes that are valid at the same time of purchase
  • Cost-effective and value added services
  • Self-service capabilities for customers and suppliers
  • Tracking customer demand and purchasing behavior
  • Advanced warehouse management
  • Easy integration with eCommerce portals.
  • Efficient inventory planner that keeps a constant check on stock

SAP Business One Uses

  • Provides full information of the historic transactions in order to analyze the buying behavior of customers in a more preciously and balanced stock levels as appropriate.
  • This system provides a powerful solution for the business management that produces a secure functioning of the inventory, sales, purchase, CRM, accounting and financials.
  • SAP Business One automates and improves entire business process with efficient inventory and warehouse reporting tools.
  • Enables streamlining of the processes which allow companies to reduce errors, increase margins and save time thereby improving collaboration with customers.
  • SAP Business One system has the feature of improved inventory control and the material planning that decreases the inventory costs.
  • Information regarding the invoices, goods receipt, customers and suppliers can be managed and analyzed without much effort using a single data source which allows you to keep a constant check on your business processes.
  • SAP Business One system supports mobility and can be tailored according to particular needs of the business.

Business One Solution Covers:

  • Warehouse and Bin Management
  • Inventory Planning and Forecasting
  • Supplier Managed Inventory
  • Pick and Pack Facility
  • Integrated Inventory System with Finance

The Wholesale Industry faces challenges such as changing the customer demands, the growth of technology, downward margin pressure, transportation costs, inventory visibility and co-ordination with suppliers.

Silver Touch provides the necessary solutions for all these challenges. Silver Touch specializes in providing an end-to-end SAP Business One and SAP HANA services to enhance business efficiency and improve ROI, resulting in increased business growth.

SAP provides solutions that are tailored specifically to the wholesale distribution industry. Our goal at Locus IT is to help the distributors provide value to customers and vendors, differentiate their business from competitors, and grow profitably and sustainably.

We also provide SAP Distribution training, SAP ERP training, SAP ERP support and implementation services. For more information please contact us.

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