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RapidMiner for Telecommunication Industry

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RapidMiner for Telecommunication Industry

RapidMiner for Telecommunication Industry and Data science can help the telecommunications companies stay in the winner category by better understanding customer behavior, minimizing customer turnover, optimizing networks and preventing fraud.

Telecommunication markets are highly competitive and the churn is a huge concern. The profit pressure this creates is compounded by the tremendous investment required to build and maintain the networks. Changing regulations and the consumer usage patterns, and it’s no wonder new industry winners – and losers – are created seemingly every day.

Telecom today is less about voice and increasingly about text and images. High-speed internet access for the computer-based data applications such as broadband information services and interactive entertainment, is pervasive.

Rapidminer for Telecommunication Industry Capabilities

  • Entice Customers with Additional Services

Increase your average revenue per user (ARPU) using RapidMiner for Telecommunication Industry by extending the right offer through the right channel at the right time.

Deepen customer relationships as they adopt more services. Convince customers to buy more. When the customers buy more of what they want and need either upgrading or adding additional products it’s a win-win for them and your business.

The Data science can make up-selling and cross-selling turn out this way. In doing so, you not only earn more revenue and profit, but also strengthen customer relationships as you become a trusted adviser.


  1. Accurately recommend products
  2. Increase revenue
  3. Grow margins
  4. Improve loyalty
  • Hear your Customers

Analyze customer service calls, emails, chat and even the social media chatter. Spot customer dissatisfaction and negative brand impact and address proactively by using RapidMiner for Telecommunication Industry.

Extract insight from unstructured content. Today, many organizations have discovered great insights through text mining, extracting the information from qualitative, textual content.

The Online reviews, social media chatter, call center transcriptions, claims forms, research journals, patent filings, and many other sources, all become rich resources that can be tapped through data science to advance the business and organizational mission. Use these insights to enhance marketing, product development, risk management, and more.


  1. Conduct sentiment Telecom Industry analysis
  2. Hear your customers
  3. Improve marketing results
  4. Improve fraud detection
  • Save Accounts Before Cancellation

Protection against the possibility of losing a customer to a competitor. Reach out to the customers who are about to switch and prevent churn and revenue loss. Identify customers likely to leave, take preventative action.

With RapidMiner for Telecommunication Industry, you can identify in advance which customers are likely to leave, and why. Use all the available information about customer, not just the obvious signs.


  1. Prevent attrition
  2. Improve marketing ROI
  3. Identify problem areas
  • Stop Fraud Before it Happens

Detect fraud of all types, from the payments to unauthorized traffic and fees to SPAM and more. Secure your network and your customers against abuse and your business against the revenue leakage. Identify fraudulent activity quickly and end it.

Fraud eats at many organizations like financial services companies, healthcare providers, government agencies, and more. It not only negatively impacts the profitability and other business results, but also the ability to serve customers and achieve mission and purpose.

The faster and more accurately you can spot the fraud, the more likely you are to put a stop to it in time. Data science can revolutionize the fraud detection process. Use all the available data to identify non-obvious fraud patterns, and monitor operations to spot fraudsters when they’d otherwise remain hidden.


  1. Identify patterns of fraud
  2. Monitor activity for signs of fraud
  3. Stop fraud quickly
  4. Reduce costs, improve service
  • Prevent Device and Equipment Failure Using Rapidminer for Telecommunication Industry

Predict when the consumer devices or network equipment are likely to fail or malfunction. Plan the repairs and replacements in the most effective-way, increasing satisfaction and reliability. Predict equipment failure, plan cost-effective maintenance.

It can also create dissatisfied customers, unmet delivery expectations, contract penalties, lost revenue, and costly emergency action to set things right.

Using Data science you can protect your business against these unexpected misfortunes. Capturing the vast data streams generated by the most modern equipment, you can predict when repairs will be needed, schedule maintenance cost-effectively, and keep your business operating smoothly.


  1. Avoid unplanned maintenance
  2. Improve maintenance planning
  3. Lower maintenance costs
  4. Root-cause analyses

Locus IT consists of a team of experienced professionals who have successfully led and implemented complex business projects worldwide. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can tailor RapidMiner to fit your unique business needs.

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