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Power BI Retail for Industry Data

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Power BI Retail for Industry Data

In this Article, we’ll discuss about Microsoft Power BI Retail and its Smart Decisions.

Microsoft Power BI Retail

Microsoft Power BI retail is not what you think it is. Today shoppers are empowered with options, devices and more information at their fingertips.

Deeper understanding of pricing, customers, POS, inventory and channels

The amount of data available for retailers is overwhelming: supply chain, transactions, buying behaviors, trends, multi-channel sales and global coverage are just a few of the data sources companies can use to maximize their profits.

Make sense of all these inputs requires scalability, accessibility, ease of use, and live connectivity. Microsoft Power BI provides to bring all these data sources in one place and keeps the data current allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time. You can share retail analytics at the store, factory, headquarters or distribution center.

Microsoft Power BI doesn’t matter where you are, your data is always available and up date. Understand customer sentiment and behavior, online or in-store, and visualize shopper movements and interactions, identifying opportunities to better serve them and maximize revenue.


Data is pouring in from insurance companies operations: claims, policy sales, fraud, coverage complexity and premiums all provide companies with a rich set of trends and insights that are waiting to tapped.


This Airline solution is based on a real world predictive maintenance system for a major airline. It comes from a variety of data sources including IoT data streams from aircraft engines, weather information, flight plans and logs.

The solution uses Azure HD Insight for feature engineering, Azure Machine Learning to detect operational anomalies and Azure SQL DW to enable high performance querying on the resulting petabytes of data.

Power BI Manufacturing

This process needs to be a well-oiled machine to succeed and the best way of achieving that goal is to have visibility on every process while seeing the big picture.

Professional Services

Professional services have one thing in common: their most important asset is their people. Support your professionals with the right technology and data to maximize value delivered to your clients.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Consumer products has its own center with the following disciplines: marketing, operations, sales and finance to name a few. Analyze constantly changing data to maximize profits, sales and customer loyalty.


Learn how to operate a mobile business, telecommunication company, can leverage Cortana Intelligence Suite and Microsoft Power BI to empower business stakeholders to analyze factors contributing to customer churn.


Energy report focuses on the demand forecasting within the energy sector. The energy views provides  forecast of future usage and region level energy usage status for optimizing the operations.

Public Sector

Public Sector data is available via various online sources. This provides with an great opportunity to correlate with the public policies are affecting changes from Climate to Education to Health and more.

Capital Markets

The U.S. Personal product consumption expenditure dashboard tracks consumer spending in the U.S. across a wide range of goods and services to track the U.S. business cycle as well as economic sentiment and gauge spending trends.

If your industry generates a huge amount of information every day. But are you putting that data to work? You can browse our industry solutions to see how Microsoft Power BI makes it easy to combine your data, find new insights, and share them with others.

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