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Self-Service BI (Business Intelligence) Analytics

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Self-Service BI (Business Intelligence) Analytics

The main reason for global enterprises of all sizes to embrace Self-Service Analytics & BI Governance Services is to allow business users and business units to conduct their daily Analytics work without relying on IT. Business users indulging in Self Service BI tools will deliver more Analytics-related output than qualified data professionals.

Current Challenges

The Self-Service BI (Business Intelligence) has remained on the wish lists of many enterprises for many years, and the essential features of a typical Self Service BI platform benefit both novice and expert users. Now, Analytics requirements in many organizations vary between tweaking reports to modifying data models and free-form data analysis.

Data preparation is one of the most time-consuming and difficult challenges facing the business users of BI and the data discovery tools, as well as the advanced analytics platforms. Hence Data Preparation and Data Governance tools must be designed within the Self Service BI platforms if organizations want the agility of Self Service BI and Data Discovery without compromising Data Quality.

  • The danger in this approach is that Data Governance and Data Quality will continue to remain troubling issues with no straight solution. In this Self-Service Analytics approach, there may also be a genuine attempt to make “one size fit all” by accommodating feature sets for a wide range of users from novices to power users.
  • Self-Service Computing ensures that business users can get the insights exactly when they need it without any IT-staff intervention, different business units within a large organization may end up creating their own metrics and data models.
  • The Data Quality is long remained as a critical, but unreachable goal for many organizations.
  • The exponential growth of data variety, data volumes, and data sources during the Big Data and Internet of Things eras have changed everything.
  • As Data Preparation is the most critical phase of Analytic’s processes, and self-service platforms either partially or wholly automate this phase, this technology may actually serve as a driver for greater Data Governance and Data Quality not an inhibitor.
  • Unless Data Governance policies take these risks into full consideration through the rules, access controls, and procedures, the whole purpose of self-service may be compromised.

Risks Involved in Ungoverned Self-Service Analytics Systems

Here are some probable consequences of BI Governance Services and Self-Service Analytics:

  • Data models unusable with flawed business logic and metrics
  • Business decisions emerging from bad or incorrect data
  • Lack of single version of truth
  • Audit failures in case of data verifications
  • Reporting errors and diminished credibility
  • Compliance failures and regulatory penalties
  • Analytics & BI system maintenance nightmares
  • Huge data security issues

Locus IT has a thorough knowledge of some of the well-known industries and the particular challenges that currently exists in this industry. We provide BI Governance Services like BI Governance support, BI Governance implementation and can help you design a solution using proven tools that meet your specific needs, streamlining operations, and increasing profit.

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