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Oracle BI (Business Intelligence) Cloud Governance

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Oracle BI (Business Intelligence) Cloud Governance

When it comes to choosing the right Oracle BI Governance platform, there is usually a trade off between governance and centralization on one hand and agility on the other.

This however most often happens at the expense of proper data governance. In other words, newest vendors are lacking when it comes to scaling out to address enterprise-level reporting with centralized security and performance considerations.

On other hand, traditional BI providers while providing the means to scale and govern, are challenged to stay in pace with how newer agile vendors are addressing the ever-changing business needs.

For many companies, making better use of the data will be how they differentiate their services in the future. For retailers, this could be based on smarter algorithms for the product recommendations. Manufacturers and logistics companies, could have more effective supply chains that deliver better results for customers.

Alongside deploying data visualization and dashboard tools that can make it easier for people to work with data, there’s a big issue around BI Cloud governance to consider, as well. This management of the data over time is a tough problem that has kept BI from delivering on its full potential. Here are four areas to bear in mind:

  • There is no single level of data governance that can be used for everything, all the time.
  • As data gets more joined up, the data governance has to be joined up too.
  • There’s a difference between central and local data
  • Linking data together helps to ensure consistency

Oracle Financial Services Prime Sourcing Business Intelligence customized consulting services are focused at helping customers improve their business and IT integration, enhancing IT effectiveness, information distribution and managing risks founded on strong data governance processes.

Oracle Data Governance

  • The Oracle Data Governance Framework Services help in developing an effective enterprise data governance strategy
  • The Oracle Data Governance framework helps identify key business objectives and develop KPI to measure the effectiveness of the business
  • Define data governance policies, procedures, and methods
  • Define the key stakeholders, including data architects and data stewards, roles, responsibilities and permissions for accessing and changing data.

Oracle is positioning its BI products to succeed with its highly scalable and Oracle BI Governance platform and also offer the agility and pervasiveness that are essential when navigating today’s world of numerous options for business analytics.

  • Security

Security is at the forefront of Oracle Data Governance. With Oracle BI Governance, a comprehensive security model that offers object-level as well as data-level security has always been in the backbone of its BI products. And this has extended into the Oracle BI (Business Intelligence) Cloud Service (BICS) as well.

  • Oracle BI Cloud Enterprise Quality Analytics

Another major aspect of Oracle BI Governance is enabling organizations to perform enterprise level reporting across their various functions and departments while maintaining high levels of confidence in the reported numbers.

  • Scalability

There are several inexpensive BI tools on the market that allow the business users to do analytics. But when it comes to scaling out to enable hundreds or thousands of users to do the analytics and share results across the organization, that is where Oracle is able to fill the gap whether from the analytical platform capability or the underlying database perspective.

  • Performance

At the core of BICS is an engine that has proven its effectiveness in handling the performance issues through its long history with on-premises implementations.

There is a user friendly interface to the data that Oracle has adopted as the future of its BI capabilities already available in BICS and DVCS and soon to be available on Big Data Discovery Cloud.

  • Mobility

Oracle has mobile BI applications for a long time now. These BI apps not only expose pre-built reports on mobile devices, but they also enable users to discover data.

  • Social and Collaborative Data Discovery

A key differentiation to the agile BI is collaboration among different users.

  • Integrating Cloud BI & On-premises Data Sources

While Oracle BI Cloud Governance SaaS and PaaS adoption is increasingly spreading, many organization are still wary of storing their data in the Cloud. In other cases of Oracle BI Cloud Governance, a data warehouse may already exist on-premises.

  • Advanced Analytics

One of the advantages of leveraging BI solution from Oracle is getting accessibility to the various powerful features of the Oracle Database.

Locus IT provides Oracle BI Governance services including BI Governance training, BI Governance implementation and support. For more information on how BI Cloud Governance could help your organisation please contact us.

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