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TIBCO Live Dashboard

TIBCO Live Dashboard

TIBCO Live Dashboard Fulfillment Orchestration allows user to view live analytics based on real-time data stream from TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management. Users can upgrade their view and have their own style of reports.

TIBCO Live Dashboard for Fulfillment Order Management works based on real-time data stream sent via EMS from FOM to Live Datamart. The Dashboard listens to the following real-time status updates and notifications from TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management:

  • Order Status Change Notification
  • Plan Status Change Notification
  • PlanItem Status Change Notification
  • OrderLine Status Change Notification
  • Amendment Order Notification

The Dashboard gives user an in-depth and the most up-to-date analysis of orders in TIBCO Order Management system. Using this shared component, you can display the real time analytics using TIBCO Live DataMart.


  • TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management 4.0.1
  • Live Datamart 10.2
  • TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service 8.3
  • Apache Maven 3.x (or above)

Configuring TIBCO Live Dashboard

Before running the Live Datamart dashboard, complete the following configurations.


  • Setting the following Environment Variables
  1. Set the TIBCO_EP_HOME environment variable to the file location of your TIBCO StreamBase installation. This is the location identified by the STREAMBASE_HOME environment variable. For example, $TIBCO_HOME/sb-cep/10.2.
  2. Add TIBCO_EP_HOME/distrib/tibco/bin to the PATH environment variable.
  3. Set the environment variable SB_MAVEN_REPO to $TIBCO_EP_HOME/sdk/maven/repo.
  • Installing External Dependencies

The project dashboard requires the jms-2.0.jar and tibjms.jar files to be in the local Apache Maven repository, which is definite to the current user on the current machine. By default, this is the .m2 directory of the user’s home directory.

  • Setting the Outbound Notifications

To generate the live or real-time analytical reports, the Live DataMart dashboard uses outbound TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service messages from TIBCO Order Management.

  • Setting TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service Configurations

Updating the fom-notification-dashboard/src/main/resources/adapter-configurations.xml file with the respective TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service configurations.

  • Setting Configuration Parameters

Changing the configuration parameters using fom-notification-dashboard/src/main/resources/ configurationparameters file before running the dashboard.

  • Creating the TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service Channels

Setting up JMS-routing is not a mandatory setup, but is recommended to reduce the load on the TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service server used by TIBCO Order Management.

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