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Improving BI Dashboard Performance

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Improving BI Dashboard Performance

As Business Intelligence Dashboard and reports are day-by-day becoming more and more complex, slow run times can present major roadblocks. Here’s some collection on how to improve Business Intelligence Dashboard performance and cut slow run times when using Tableau, Power BI.

Here are a few universal principles to keep in mind that will lead to improved performance in almost any case before you getting into the specific tips for the tools.

  • Limit logic is used in tool itself: If you are generating multiple calculated tables or views, performing complex joins, or adding numerous calculations in the BI tool itself, it’s a good idea for performance as well as BI governance to execute all those steps in the database or a separate business layer.
  • Have the physical data is available in the needed format: When the physical data in the source matches the granularity and level of aggregation in the BI Dashboard, the BI tool does not need to execute a function to aggregate it.
  • Keep your interface clean and the dashboard focused: Delete or Consolidate unused report pages, data sources, and fields.
  • Strings hinder for performance: Generally, processing systems execute functions with strings much more slowly than ints or booleans.

Tableau Business Intelligence Dashboard

  • Built-in Performance Tracking

Always the powerful, sleek, and intuitive leading BI tool, Tableau has a native function that analyzes performance problem areas. The performance recorder tells you which queries, worksheets, and Business Intelligence Dashboard are slow, and even shows you the query text.

  • Extracts Over Live

The Tableau performs much faster when executing queries on a extracts live connections. Use extracts  whenever it is possible and keep them trimmed-down to limit query execution time. If you want to stream a data or have a constantly refreshing dataset, then extracts is not an option.

  • Again Limit Logic

Tableau is not built to handle too much data manipulation or relational modeling – too many complex joins or calculations really slows down its processing. Try to off-load data as much of these steps as possible onto the database or a semantic layer.

  • Limit Marks and Filters

Every mark included on a visualization means more parsing that the Tableau needs to perform and too many filters bog down the system. Then try instead to split complex worksheets or visualizations into multiple smaller views and connect them with action filters to explore those relationships more quickly.

Power BI

  • Implications of DirectQuery

Similar in concept to Tableau’s extract vs. DirectQuery options and live connection options, import for connecting to data sources have different impacts on performance. It is important to remember that if you’re using DirectQuery, the time required to refresh visuals is dependent on how long the source system takes to execute Power BI’s query.

  • Utilize Drill-through

Drill-through pages are useful for decluttering reports and data exploration, but they also have the added benefit of making sure your visuals and dashboards aren’t overly complex. They cut down query execution time and improve the runtime while still allowing for in-depth exploration.

  • Be Careful with Row-Level Security

Row-level security has very powerful and common security use cases, but unfortunately, its implementation has the tendency to bog down system performance. When RLS is in place, Power BI has to query the backend and generate caching separately for every user role. Try to create only as many roles as possible, and be sure to test each role to know the performance implications.

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