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Tableau Fraud Detection

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Tableau Fraud Detection

Tableau Fraud Detection lets you point to nearly any data source and immediately start visualizing. In the world of fraud detection, Tableau Fraud Analytics makes it easy to spot suspicious behavior.

Once after identifying a potential issue using Tableau Fraud Detection, you can share the data with investigators in the field. Equipped with the right data, they can easily pick up the thread of suspicious behavior and quickly resolve it.

Detecting the potential fraudulent activities within your organization can be challenging. Whether you are monitoring bank account activities, examining insurance claims, or investigating suspicious card payments, Tableau’s robust visualization and analytics capabilities are well matched for detecting Fraud.

Anti-fraud analytics have evolved from asking simple, rule-based questions of the data, to letting the data “speak for itself” through visualization, predictive models, anomaly detection, pattern recognition, and text mining techniques.

Tableau Fraud Detection helps corporate anti-fraud investigator, internal audit, compliance, legal, or finance professional who wishes to gain the upper hand in preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse in their organization.

Creative. Resourceful. Ingenious. Words often used to describe a fraudster’s scheme. Instead of letting the nefarious characters own these concepts, use them to identify and fight back against fraud.

Transform Information to Insight Using Tableau Fraud Detection

Using Tableau Fraud Detection and after having the information needed to detect fraud: transaction history, claims, emails and credit applications, you can use an analytical approach that equips you to assemble disparate data, visualize it then share it.

This approach helps detect patterns behind a range of securities and finance-related activities, rather than getting stuck investigating one silo at a time. And it fundamentally shifts the fight against fraud to your advantage.

  • Mix & match data

Uncovering a pattern of fraudulent credit card activity, for example, becomes easier when you consider the location, frequency and merchant type for the claim together with credit card applications.

  • Visualize data in revealing ways

Once equipped to analyze disparate data in one place, you want to find relationships within the data that suggest behavior is amiss. Visualizing this data using Tableau quickly illuminates patterns and outliers.

Mapping this claims data, for example, reveals that the merchant’s stores in other towns are seeing a similarly high uptick in claims. While the source for this increase can’t be understood from this map alone, you can surmise that this store is becoming trendy and therefore may be subject to more fraud.

  • Create dashboards

One of the most powerful ways to work with data is to relate different views of the data into a single dashboard. With your merchant map in hand, it’s time to see related data in one place. Add a scatter plot showing demographics of the buyers and a heat map of the types of products associated with the purchases. Viewing these pieces on one dashboard lets you confirm you’ve got a suspicious pattern that requires a closer look.

  • Share insights with stakeholders

When you’ve found a questionable trend, sharing this with executives and investigators is imperative for quick action. Make it as easy as sharing a link via email, embedding a dashboard in SharePoint, or viewing on-the-go using a mobile device. With this approach, your extended team is equipped to quickly get to the bottom of what could be fraud.

Reveal patterns that let you take action with data visualization analysis tools that get you to insight quickly and effectively. Tableau Software provides fast insight into data and helps people see and understand the data.

Tableau helps anyone quickly and easily analyze, visualize and share information and get rapid results. We at Locus IT provide Tableau Fraud Analytics services like Tableau Fraud Analytics implementation and Tableau Fraud Analytics support. For more information please contact us.

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