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Apache Hadoop Cohort Analysis

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Apache Hadoop Cohort Analysis

Apache Hadoop Cohort Analysis is to fuel better relationships with sales, prospects, and customers. The balance of power is shifting. Consumers have more choices and more power.

Traditional marketing once focused on raising brand awareness and enticing prospects are becoming obsolete as consumers enter the purchase process well-informed.

The reports that, on average, these “empowered purchasers” increasingly demand real-time engagement with an average of six different interaction channels throughout the purchase process and almost 65% report being frustrated by inconsistent experiences.

The Challenge

  • To retain the upper hand, you must differentiate your organization, as well as your products, and gain competitive advantage by providing superior customer experiences.
  • Only companies are taking advantage of the wealth of customer data at their disposal to inform every marketing touch and every sales interaction, as well as ensuring interactions with customer service are higher-efficient, will prevail in today’s competitive landscape.
  • Luckily, marketing telemetry from web logs, marketing automation systems, and other sources of customer interaction data provide constant opportunities to better understand and engage with customers.

Transform Marketing Processes by Capitalizing on Big Data

  • Traditionally, marketing and sales analysts have resorted to inefficient and expensive manual processes to track down and reconcile fragmented, duplicate, inconsistent, inaccurate, an incomplete data across their organization.
  • They have depend on fragmented point solutions requiring equally time-consuming processes to deliver equally dubious data.
  • A systematic approach to big data management enables marketing analysts to quickly and repeatedly get more business value from more data without the inherent risks introduced by ungoverned or manual processes.

Key Benefits of Apache Hadoop Cohort Analysis

Find any Data and Discover Relationships that Matter

  • Marketing analysts are looking for an efficient way to manage the ever-growing variety, volume, and velocity typically associated with big data.
  • Apache Hadoop Cohort Analysis uncovers existing customer data through an automated machine-learning-based discovery process. It mines this data to identify meaningful relationships that, in turn, can fuel accurate and targeted customer, marketing, and sales analytics.
  • Instead of a challenging and time-consuming manual process, Apache Hadoop Cohort Analysis real-time matching and linking of big data accelerates how you master data and discover data relationships across all business-critical data.

Quickly Prepare and Share the Data you need

  • Apache Hadoop Cohort Analysis lets you quickly prepare and share data instrumental in delivering competitive marketing analytics. Thanks to repeatable, efficient, and collaborative processes, you can prioritize delivery of data, providing the right data to decision-makers at the right time to deliver business value quickly.
  • For instance, Apache Hadoop Cohort Analysis multi-persona interfaces and rule builder empowers effective collaboration around data standards and data dictionaries among marketing analysts, data stewards, and other business users so that big data is rapidly turned into trusted insights.
  • Apache Hadoop Cohort Analysis self-service data preparation enables faster access to more trusted insights with built-in data lineage, enterprise-wide data asset discovery, smart data set recommendations, and crowd sourced data asset sharing and tagging, so the right people get the data at the right time.

Trusted Insights from Data without More Risk

  • Apache Hadoop’s architecture enables more data to be ingested and delivered for marketing analytics, with the added benefit of built-in security and governance ensuring more trusted insights from more data without more risk.
  • This gives marketing analysts a trusted 360-degree insight of the total customer relationship across the business, including customer preferences across channels, locations, and partners.
  • Marketing can therefore better segment for customers and delivers more relevant and personalized marketing offers for increased conversions and because sales teams have better insight into the products customers own they can effectively cross and up sell particular products and grow revenue.
  • Likewise, customer service teams can confidently address and resolve issues quickly and delivers great experiences for increased customer satisfaction.
  • Using Apache Hadoop market-leading platform, proven methodology, and strong partner ecosystem, you can quickly and repeatably turn your big data into more business value without more risk.

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