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TIBCO Spotfire Behavioral Analytics

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TIBCO Spotfire Behavioral Analytics

This article is about TIBCO Spotfire Behavioral Analytics and its capabilities.

Predict the behavior of customers and businesses and elevate analytics knowledge throughout your company. Get opportunities using present and past knowledge to predict what might happen in the future.

TIBCO Spotfire makes advanced, Behavioral analyticspredictive analytics, easy, consumable, and accessible for everyone right from the user interface. Out of the box TIBCO Spotfire provides one Tap data science with statistical and machine learning methods to predict outcomes in real time, helping all users grow in skills, efficiency, and smarts.

TIBCO Spotfire Behavioral Analytics Capabilities

Built-in Data Science

  • Out of the box views, one tap predictions, and proactive data profiles make getting started with advanced analytics easy for classification, clustering, forecasting, and more.
  • Visualize results and data in interactive dashboards, and use deeper data science and custom calculations on the TIBCO Data Science Platform or use Spotfire Data Functions and R, SAS, Python, or Matlab code.

Analytics Apps Extend Expertise

  • Easily build and deploy intuitive business applications. Connectivity to any data, out-of-the-box APIs, custom visualizations and computations, and statistical methods can drive action across multiple systems.
  • Add custom predictive visualizations and models and get real-time results. Creating production predictive applications is built-in for other products.

One-click Statistics and Relationships

  • Easy contextual calculations are powerful: similarity, descriptive stats, clustering, correlations, fitting, forecasts, box plots, and more.
  • Find associations between columns with the Data Relationships Tool. Use statistical methods for continuous, categorical variables like linear regression, Anova, Chi-square, and others. Model diagnostic plots are automatically create their own visual model diagnostics.

Unique Data Science Language Integration

  • Data Functions runs custom predictive models, and TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) runs inside any analysis.
  • Train and deploy models with TERR or Python, and use popular advanced analytics packages and databases.
  • Integrate multiple columns, tables, and values with point-and-click for visualizations not possible with other products.

Machine Learning Algorithmic Models

  • Spotfire provides easy way of access to machine learning algorithms that train on data to evolve models that can identify complex patterns and make highly accurate predictions.
  • Depend on Spotfire to solve use cases: production surveillance, root-cause analysis, and optimization, micro-segmentation, personalization, customer retention, asset valuation, anomaly and fraud detection, and much more.

Advanced, Intelligent Data Visualization

  • With ML and AI, develop insights without knowing where to look and spot trends, patterns, and outliers.
  • Use line-chart box plots, forecasting, data relationships, clustering, modeling, calculated columns, and expressions for custom visualizations and controllable, optionally automated marking, filtering, and brush-linking across tables, mashups, and joins and drill up, down, and sideways.


Predict the Future

  • Spotfire gives you the ability to plan, predict and act on the data with predictive analytics and modeling.
  • With Spotfire, you have answers. What product should you recommend now? Which machine needs maintenance? Who’s in danger of going into cardiac arrest?

Empower Everyone

  • Instead of segregating analytics minimize their value by making everyone data scientists to business users more efficient.
  • Allow those who understand the problem to extend their solutions by publishing them as analytical applications with reusable predictive models.

Use Open Source on Your Platforms

  • Connect to data functions written in SAS, R, and MATLAB to fuel predictive analytics.
  • Spotfire Statistics Services allows you to capitalize on existing assets and get more value from your past investments.

Operationalize Predictive Analytics

  • Spotfire lets you deploy Behavioral and predictive analytics models to real-time systems.
  • Drive business processes such as real-time sentiment analysis, fraud detection, proactive customer service, and infrastructure monitoring, servicing, and maintenance.

Automate Statistical Analyses

Build fully automated applications that include optimization, forecasting, and ML working on big data platforms, and include automated delivery of results to end users.

Turbocharge Geo Analytics

Use data functions to support advanced routines such as travel route optimization, contour estimation, and others, allowing more accurate business decisions and deeper insights.

Locus IT has a thorough knowledge of industries that make use of User Behavior Analytics and provides TIBCO Spotfire support services. We also provide TIBCO Behavior Analytics upgradation, TIBCO Spotfire Analytics training and TIBCO Spotfire staffing services. For more details please contact us.

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