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Qlik Behavioral Analytics

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Qlik Behavioral Analytics

Qlik Behavioral Analytics for Digital Analytics is to understand digital consumer Behavior impact through Data Discovery.

Qlik Behavioral Analytics Major Challenge

The previous five years have bought a step change in the way people interact. Almost each and every aspect of their lives now interconnects across a personal network of online devices and services, driven by technology that is continuously advancing and customer expectations that are constantly evolving.

The number of online shoppers will grow 50% to 1.6 billion in 2018 from 1.3 billion in 2014.

There are 3 key Digital Customer Insights that companies must analyse about their customers;

  • Understanding Customer Browsing & Purchase Behavior and how this changes overtime.
  • Understanding Customer experience and their Interactions across Digital Channels.
  • Understanding Customer Multi-Device usage and changes in behaviors by Channel type.


Qlik have built a ‘Qlik Application’  to demonstrate and address capabilities related to this solution area. Qlik Digital Consumer Analytics Application allows business users to make quicker and better informed decisions by allowing them to:

  • Analyse and discover how many times customers are visiting and how much they are spending on a company website. Next best actions can be easily analyzed by identifying who are your high-value customers and which customers you can target with an up-sell campaign
  • Analyse which campaigns are generating visits and purchases to your website. Determine whether your new customers are coming from, i.e. referral or direct or social media
  • Identify if there is a difference in behavior between mobile and PC customers. Analyse overtime if customers are changing their devices to interact with your company website


Understanding Customer Journey through analyzing customer path analysis and their patterns of behavior. How customer journeys change over time.

Improve Segmentation and Targeting by using Qlik to enable simple discovery of who to target based upon identifying your most profitable known customers and their previous behavior and purchase patterns.

Cross-Device Analytics by identifying is where to invest in future multi-channel offers for customers. Determining engagement with your brand by time-of-day.


  • A self-discovery Digital Consumer Analytics Qlik App designed to uncover insights into consumer behavior impact
  • A self-discovery Qlik application is designed for Customer Insight and Customer Service teams to analyse where changes in customer behavior patterns occurred and where performance and investment can be improved

Locus IT has a good knowledge of industries that make use of Qlik Behavioral Analytics and we provides support services. We also provide Qlik Behavior Analytics upgradation, Qlik Analytics training and Qlik Analytics staffing services. For more details please contact us.

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