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Oracle Behavior Analytics for Cloud

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Oracle Behavior Analytics for Cloud

Oracle Behavior Analytics analyze activities business-critical cloud applications as well as activities spanning multiple applications. In this, enterprises gain a exact view of user behavior and activities across their entire enterprise cloud environment from a single user interface.

To combat modern security threats, many enterprises are turning to security solutions that leverage Oracle Behavior Analytics or User Behavior Analytics (UBA). By analyzing user behavior and forming a baseline definition of normal, these solutions can notified by IT administrators when deviations occur.

  • Traditional security measures based on virus signatures and protocol analysis continue to be part of every enterprise’s defense system.
  • Traditional security measures also do very small to detect internal threats which are becoming an increasing concern for many enterprises.

To improve security for both traditional IT and  cloud services, many enterprises are implementing security solutions that analyze user behavior. Rather than focusing solely on rapidly identifying attack objects such as malware and viruses or beating the hackers to the punch with early discovery of vulnerabilities in operating systems or browsers but, these UBA solutions focuses on analysis on actions performed by particular users, forming a baseline of normal behavior and continuously monitoring for deviations from the accepted norm.

Oracle Behavior Analytics in Modern Security

Security solutions provides UBA and its been around for years. There are however, significant reasons why Oracle Behavior Analytics or User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is becoming a critical component of every enterprise security solution, especially as companies migrate their infrastructure and applications to the cloud.

  • Modern Threat Behaviors

Legacy malwares and viruses are often identified by unique signatures. Some attacks can be identified by communication signatures such as those used in control-and-command malwares. Modern attacks, however, can evade traditional security measures by first creating a backup privileged account or by gaining additional privileges for an already compromised account.

  • Modern Threat Targets

Traditional security measures focuses on securing high profile users like finance, executives, and sales teams are a few of the groups that readily access highly valuable data. It is no surprise that they are most commonly targeted by traditional attackers to steal customer and company data.

Once the hackers gain access to the resources and enterprise network, they can easily navigate the network to compromise other accounts and ultimately gain access to sensitive data.

  • Lack of Segregated Access

IT administrators can manage on-premises security often and restrict access to the security appliance configurations. Administrative access is often provided from other networks with unique requirements such as VPN or use of direct appliance connection.

Unfortunately, many IT administrators lose these security precautions with the adoption of cloud services and there is no longer any perceived physical separation, network separation, or unique login procedures.

User Behavior Analytics in Oracle Cloud

Oracle CASB Cloud Service addresses the security and visibility challenges enterprises faces in cloud service environments such as Salesforce, AWS, MS Office 365, and Google Apps.

UBA is just one of the capabilities available in Oracle CASB Cloud Services. Providing cloud security automation, the platform offers a great view of threats across business critical cloud services.

Key Capabilities

Oracle CASB Cloud Service provides comprehensive security and visibility of your entire cloud  environment. Key security features that include:

  • Graphical dashboard of risky users across each and every cloud applications
  • Forensic, drill-down capability with detailed risk analysis
  • Dynamic, user-risk scoring is based on the continual assessment of user behavior
  • Risky behavior or detection of suspicious based on access patterns, administrative actions, and device characteristics
  • Profiling of each and every users across all applications with single sign-on solution integration
  • Integrated workflow, including placing surveillance on risky users
  • Denial of application and auto-remediation access based on user risk scores with integrated single sign-on solution

Locus IT has a thorough knowledge of industries that make use of User Behavior Analytics and provides Oracle UBA support services. We also provide Behavior Analytics upgradation, training and implementation services. For more information please contact us.

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