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Apache Hadoop Behavioral Analytics

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Apache Hadoop Behavioral Analytics

Apache Hadoop Behavioral Analytics analyzes the historical data that’ll provides signals that indicate what may happen in the future.

By understanding signals coming from machines and sensors, server logs and other new data sources, organizations can use Hortonworks big data predictive analytics to predict future events and become more proactive.

Apache Hadoop captures and stores, processes the huge volumes of data streaming from connected devices and sensors that measure your business.

A combination of Hadoop predictive analytics and behavioral analytics with a variety of data science and iterative ML techniques can make confident real-time recommendations that reduce costs, improve safety, and inform investments.

Apache Hadoop Behavioral Analytics Open New Paths to Value

Preventative Maintenance 

  • Sensor data quickly streams into companies and rapidly grows to terabytes. Use HDP Apache Hadoop Behavioral Analytics capabilities to predict when a piece of equipment may fail and then fix it before it breaks.
  • A leading qualified service company uses HDP to collect and analyze huge volumes of sensor data to anticipate equipment issues and perform maintenance before pumps break and jeopardize production.

Resource Optimization

  • By analyzing resource adjusting and utilization based on changing conditions the companies can make the most of the finite resources.
  • HDP brings all together the data and processing engines needed to model resource requirements and adjust in real time.
  • One of the world’s biggest electric utilities uses HDP to capture high volumes of smart meter data and apply predictive analytics to forecast consumption more accurately.
  • This helps for match production with demand, avoiding unnecessary power generation while keeping the lights on.

Behavioral Insight

  • Historical pattern recognition with real-time data analysis and capture can show you where and how to intervene before it’s too late.
  • Predict likely outcomes and take action that maximizes positive results.
  • Healthcare industry utilizes HDP to predict the likelihood of hospital re-admittance for proactive intervention. Patients with heart failure have a tendency to build up fluid, which causes them to gain weight. It also sends those heart patients home with a scale and the instructions to weigh themselves once daily.
  • The weight data is transmitted wirelessly to Hadoop where an algorithm determines which weight changes indicate risk of re-admittance, and the system notifies clinicians about those cases.

Predictive Analytics Use Case

Analyze Machine and Sensor Data

  • Machines know things. Sensors stream low-cost, always-on data.
  • Apache Hadoop Behavioral Analytics makes it easier for you to store and refine that data and identify meaningful patterns, providing you with the insight to make proactive business decisions using big data predictive analytics.
  • See how Apache Hadoop can be utilized to analyze heating, ventilation and air conditioning data to maintain ideal office temperatures and minimize expenses

Locus IT has a knowledge of industries that make use of Apache Hadoop Behavioral Analytics and provides Apache Hadoop Analytics support services. We also provide Apache Hadoop Behavioral Analytics upgradation, Apache Hadoop Analytics training and Apache Hadoop staffing services. For more details please contact us.

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