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IoT for Telecom Industry

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IoT for Telecom Industry

This article is about IoT for Telecom Industry and its Benefits.

The Internet of Things (IoT) links objects within an active network to facilitate collection and data management. Using communication protocols to create a network, the IoT depends on mobile devices, sensors, and Internet connectivity to boost interactions and obtain data points between physical and nonphysical objects.

However, IoT data is not limited to laptops, computers, and smartphones. It can be applied to any device that’ll interacts with the external environment through embedded technology and the Internet.

Safe, sustainable, and efficient telecommunication services benefit consumers, industry, and society in general by reducing costs and generating revenue from new sources. This in turn creates lots of new opportunities and could even significantly change how we consume information.

Impact on Consumers

  • The IoT revolution helps telecom providers to create value in unprecedented new ways. As consumer’s expectations and the behavior change, service providers will need to offer increasingly sophisticated services going forward.
  • To keep up with consumer demand for connectivity and data then the telecom companies must adopt new strategies that empowers next-gen mobile devices.
  • They will also need to adopt new technologies such as machine data, for instance, to predict failures before they happen.
  • In a networked society the industry and consumers are like to adopt the full power of Internet connectivity. Experts will predict that billions of devices many of them consumer electronics will be connected globally.

CPS can take Immediate Advantage of IoT 

  • As the Internet of Things continues to pervade the consumer and enterprise worlds, the Telecommunications industry stands at the crossroads of new revenue streams and facing new challenges brought by this revolution of connectivity.
  • The fact is that IoT for Telecom Industry are going to flourish anyway – the only question is how large a role in this new business order will go to CSPs. Generally, there are couple of things that CSPs (Communication Provider Services) can do right when embarking onto the IoT initiatives.
  • The first one is to improve on their infrastructures to provide tailored consumer applications, wide-area IoT solutions, and managed services. As a higher versatile IoT platform, any Operator can enter into a particular business vertical with its own IoT solution.
  • Uniquely positioned with unlimited access to network infrastructure, CSPs can even provide best performance, wider scale, and tapping into vast pools of user data – much better usability than competition.
  • Another opportunity for CSPs is to open up revenue streams by providing edge computing infrastructure for OTT service providers and Apps developers.
  • Enabling cloud capabilities for network hardware such as modems, IP DSLMs, CMTSs or base stations will allow Operators to offer their infrastructure as a valuable service from which consumer behavior patterns can be extracted and acted upon.
  • Finally, an incredible opportunity consists in minimizing Telecom operational cost by applying IoT technology for software defined networking and network function virtualization.
  • This will provide a great edge to IoT CSPs, as they will abandon their mere “pipe keeper” roles for good and emerge as big players in the IoT field.

IoT for Telecom Industry Benefits

  • IoT data can enable the customers to experience in many ways. Telecommunication businesses can be a better manage changing network usage patterns; for instance, by tapping the power of predictive analytics to avoid network outages when data surges during sports events.
  • Similarly, IoT technology will enable telecom companies to monitor and plan maintenance more effectively, optimize bandwidth and coverage to boost download times, and improve customer service by reducing dropped calls and service wait times. This in turn will reduce revenue lost to service disruption.
  • The telecom industry has access to huge amounts of data, but it also needs research and development to fully understand customer behavior and build real business value.
  • Driven by innovation and longer-term cost efficiencies, the Internet Of Things  is poised to create opportunities, enable new sources of revenue, and help solve many real-world problems.

Integrating IoT solutions in Telecom is going to be essential to match with the increasing needs of the digital world. If you are willing to digitize your Telecommunication Industry, then IoT should be your first choice. Contact us to know more about IoT Telecom Industry solutions and we also provide services like IoT Telecommunication Training, IoT Telecom application customization and IoT Telecommunication Support.

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