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IoT Home Automation

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IoT Home Automation

The entire nation is advancing with new technologies and IoT is the new trend. People who are aware IoT they are looking forward to home automation.

The whole idea of IoT Home Automation may seem imaginary but not any more. It’s now possible to have an automated house by using IoT technology. The three main components of an IoT automated house are hardware, software and communication protocol. They are very necessary as each of these are crucial in building a IoT Smart Home. Another most important thing is to select the right communication protocol and firmware.

Applications of Home Automation

IoT Home Automation can utilize the way people use the technology. There are many possibilities when we speak about the applications of home automation.

  • Smart locks and switches.
  • Enhanced safety and security.
  • Appliances such as ACs and lights.
  • Water and air quality control and monitoring.
  • Smart home appliances.

Six Subsystems for the Sustainable Home

It is divided into six interconnected subsystems governed by a central PLC (programmable logic controller), the IoT Smart Home automation solution relies on data gathered from Internet Of Things  capable smart devices. These six subsystems are:

  • Lighting

By installing several connected sensors and manual input Internet of Things Home devices throughout the building, it will be possible for the PLC to optimize the amount of energy consumed by illumination and to provide the person more control over the outdoor and indoor lighting systems.

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

Location, risk, terrain, structure, and standards determine how the PIDS is installed, though its use of strategically placed sensors that feed data into the home automation system remains a constant.

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Optimal indoor air quality can be achieved through the combination of sensors and cooling or heating equipment, with IoT Smart Home automation allowing for room-by-room control that can not only ensures comfort but also significantly reduces the energy usage.

  •  Gas and Fire Detection

The gas and fire detection subsystem is deemed the most important in the home automation solution. By connecting a series of sensors and detectors to the PLC, signals can be sent to a responsible party’s mobile device, as well as in-house warning sirens, allowing for faster notification and evacuation.

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Storage of video and facilitating collection from throughout the property, a CCTV system is a cost-effective way to deter potential criminals and bring peace of mind to the building’s occupants.

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Tracking

Solar panels are an environmental friendly way to generate electricity and automation can be significantly increases their effectiveness.

IoT Home Automation Benefits

  • Home Security

By using mobile, you can control the security of your house. If there is any suspicious activity comes you’ll will receive notifications and may probably operate the locks and lights through the phone.

  • Energy efficient house and savings

You can increase the efficiency of energy by controlling the appliances through IoT. If you are ensure whether you have left the lights on or you can check and control it.

  • Convenience

This is the major advantage of IoT smart home automation. You can control each and every IoT Home devices that are connected and this makes it very easy to have all the IoT Home devices adjusted through the phone.

Advantages of IoT for Business

IoT is not only just for home automation but also can be used for your advantage at work. The benefits are –

  • Security and Monitoring
  • Convenience in managing business
  • Manages the user identity easily
  • Easy management of larger data

With so many benefits, intelligent home is what everybody is looking for. So, let’s move into a new era of technology that is lot more promising and brings you to the luxury that you really deserve. Talk to our experts and let them take you through the world of Automation.

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