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IoT in Healthcare Industry

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IoT in Healthcare Industry

IoT in Healthcare is moving relatively slow when it comes to incorporation of intelligent devices. When we come to analyse the reasons behind this slower progress of IoT in healthcare, the points seem quite sensible –

  • Security is still a major issue for IoT enabled devices and for healthcare devices undoubtedly is an uncompromisable front.
  • The fall and rise of Theranos has taught us to be skeptical about things which sounds too good to be true.
  • Healthcare devices go through rigorous testing.

So, even though hurdle remains speed and connected healthcare is progressing day-by-day. Before delving deeper into what is commonly known as the IoMT or Internet of Medical Thing, let’s first try to understand the the scope of IoT in healthcare.

Going by the current trend these reports can be nothing less than unbelievable. IoT has already made its way to our homes in the form of Google Home, Alexa, Amazon Echo etc. IoT’s experimentation in electronics is on the rise mostly attributed to its being a little less critical domain.

A Brief Overview of IoT

Almost every IoT devices has the following components

  • A sensor or a device
  • Connecting unit
  • Data Processing unit
  • User Interface

The sensor is used for data extraction or the required information from the environment. This data can be either the temperature in the distance, vicinity, time etc. This data or information is then sent to cloud through some form of connection. The connection can be either wireless or wired.

Then comes the actual use of ML (Machine Learning) or decision making algorithms which work on the fetched data and does some processing on it in order to generate the required output. Then comes the UI, through which the output is made available to the end user.

Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare industry faces perpetual challenges. When it comes to health there is no compromise  entertained. Even with years of researches many challenges are tough to deal with. Some of such challenges are –

  • Timely detection of health prevention and problems of death due to delay in treatment.
  • Health monitoring and caring.
  • Inconvenient diagnostic techniques.
  • Creating the right ambience for the patient.
  • Medical Imaging. Finding the line between data loss and optimization.
  • Accuracy in measurements and medical diagnostics.

Impact of IoT on Healthcare Industry

  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring

IoT enables connecting multiple monitoring devices and thus monitoring patients in real time.

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

A sensor based intelligent system like Bluetooth enabled coagulation system can be utilized to monitor blood pressure levels of patients who undergo hypertension.

  • Smart Pills

IoT Smart Pills help monitor health issues, medication controls, and adherence. Such Smart pills will aid drug creation organizations to lower their risks.

  • Smart Watches

IoT enabled wearable devices can effectively monitor and evaluate people’s mood and report information to the server.

IoT Healthcare Benefits

  • Reduced Cost
  • Better Results of Treatment
  • Enhanced Disease Management
  • Reduced Faults
  • Enhanced Patient Experience
  • Improved Drugs Management

IoT Healthcare solutions like IoT enable medical app development, and connected IoT healthcare solutions are proving to be a game changer in the healthcare industry. With its enormous IoT Healthcare applications, IoT has been facilitating healthcare providers including doctors, hospitals, and clinics to nurture the patients with accurate treatment services and strategies.

Integrating IoT solutions in health care services is going to be essential to match with the increasing needs of the digital world. If you are willing to digitize your healthcare services, then IoT should be your first choice. Contact us to know more about different IoT solutions and IoT Healthcare applications.

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