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Matploptib is a low-level library of Python which is used for data visualization and it is easy to use as well as emulates MATLAB like graphs,visualization. This library is built on the top of NumPy arrays and also consist of several plots like line chart, bar chart, histogram, etc.

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    Objectives :

    a). Understand all the basic fundamentals.
    b). Learn how to install .
    c). Import Matplotlib in Python.
    d). Create 2D plots .
    e). Create sub-plots.
    f). Save plots .
    g). Create 3D plots.
    h). Learn how to plot images.

    1. Introduction :

    a). Welcome to the Matplotlib for Data Visualization with Python.

    2. Installing and Importing Matplotlib

    3. Basics of Matplotlib

    a). Basics 

    b). Creating Sublots and saving our figure

    4. Creating 2D and 3D plots in Matplotlib

    a). Plotting 2D plots

    b). Plotting 3D plots 

    5. Working with images in Matplotlib

    a). Plotting images


    a). Basics of Python programming language.


    The only way to truly learn how to use Matplotlib for Data Visualization with Python is by actually getting your hands dirty and trying out the features yourself. That’s where this course comes in!

    The hour-long course starts off with an introduction, including how to install and import it in Python. We will then move on to learn how you can create and customize basic 2D charts in order to best tell your story. Furthermore, you will also learn what subplots are and how you can create as well as customize them with the help of the Matplotlib library.

    We will explore the full spectrum of interactive and explorable graphic representations including various plots such as Scatter, Line, Bar, Stacked Bar, Histogram, Pie, and much more. The course also walks you through the basics of creating a 3D plot and how you can start plotting images using the Python visualization library.

    And, once you are done with this course, you will be able to create almost any kind of plot that you need with Matplotlib and Python.

    For more inputs on Matplotlib for Data Visualization with Python- 2022 Edition you can connect here.
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