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Apache Storm is a distributed, fault-tolerant, open-source computation system. You can use Storm to process streams of data in real time with Apache Hadoop. Storm solutions can also provide guaranteed processing of data, with the ability to replay data that wasn’t successfully processed the first time.

Training Mode: Online



  • Baysean Law
  • Hadoop Distributed Computing
  • Legacy Architecture of Real-Time System
  • Difference b/w Storm and Hadoop
  • The fundamental concept of storm
  • Storm Development Environment
  • Real Life Storm Project


  • Apache Storm Installation
  • Storm Architecture
  • Logical Dynamic and Components in Storm
  • Topology in Storm
  • Storm Execution Components
  • Stream Grouping
  • Tuple
  • Spout
  • Reliable versus Unreliable Messages
  • Getting Data: Direct connection, Enqueued Messages and DRPC
  • Bolt Lifecycle
  • Bolt Structure
  • Bolt-normalization bolt
  • Reliable versus Unreliable Bolts
  • Multiple Streams
  • Multiple Anchoring
  • Using IBasicBolt to Ack Automatically
  • Hands-On:
  • Creating Storm project in eclipse
  • Running Storm bolt and spouts
  • Running twitter example using Storm


  • Grouping and its different types
  • Reliable and unreliable messaging
  • How to get Data – Direct connection and Enqueued message
  • Life cycle of bolt


  • Stream Grouping
  • Fields Grouping
  • All Grouping
  • Custom Grouping
  • Direct Grouping
  • Global Grouping
  • None Grouping
  • Hands-On:
  • Using different grouping techniques in Storm topologies


  • What is Trident
  • Trident Spouts
  • Types of Trident Spouts
  • Trident Spout components
  • Trident spout Interface
  • Trident filter, function & Aggregator
  • Hands-On:
  • Implementing Trident Spouts and Bolts


  • Transactional Topologies
  • Partitioned Transactional Spouts
  • Opaque Transactional Topologies
  • Hands-On:
  • Implementing transactional system using Transactional topologies

7: Introduction to Kafka & Messaging Systems

  • Basic Kafka Concepts
  • Kafka vs Other Messaging Systems
  • Intra-Cluster Replication
  • An Inside Look at Kafka’s Components
  • Log Administration, Retention, and Compaction
  • Hardware and Runtime Configurations
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Cluster Administration
  • Securing Kafka
  • Using Kafka Connect to Move Data


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