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Jaspersoft Studio is the new Eclipse-based report designer for JasperReports and JasperReports Server. It is a full rewrite of iReport Designer, available as Eclipse plugin, and as a standalone application.

Training Mode: Online


Course Content:

a). Overview and Architecture

1. List the components of the Jaspersoft BI Suite

2. Describe the Technology Stack

b). Jaspersoft Studio

1. Describe the report development workflow

2. Navigate panels and views

3. Configure data adapters to access data sources

4. Create projects to manage the report development process

5. Add palette elements to a report

6. Utilize expressions and built-in functions to format reports with transformed data

7. Define Variables to compute derived values

8. Define groups to design data-driven report appearance

9. Add tables and crosstabs

10. Include subreports

11. Apply styles and fonts

12. Add HTML5 charts to a report

13. Preview and export reports

14. Internationalize reports

15. Configure a connection to a Jasper Reports Server

16. Deploy Reports to a Jasper Reports Server

c). Jasper Reports Server

1. Jasper Reports Server Overview

2. Create and use dashboards

3. Create Ad Hoc Topics using Jaspersoft Studio

4. Create and use a simple Domain

5. Create and use a complex Domain

6. Observe SQL Queries

7. Localize a Domain

8. Secure a Domain

9. Advanced Domain Strategies

10. Create cascading input controls

d). Jaspersoft ETL

1. ETL Overview

2. Navigate ETL

3. Design an ETL job

4. Survey ETL components

e). Data Warehouse Concepts

1. Understand basic concepts of Data Warehouse (DW)

2. Define components of a DW

3. Examine star and snowflake schemas


For more inputs on JasperSoft you can connect here.
Contact the L&D Specialist at Locus IT.


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