Duration: Hours

The user interface is the point of human-computer interaction and communication in a device. It includes display screens, keyboards, a mouse, etc,.

Types of UI :

1. command line (cli)

2. graphical user interface (GUI)

3. menu driven (mdi)

4. form based (fbi)

5. natural language (nli)

Training Mode: Online


a). Introduction and Overview

1. Introductory Panel: UI Design and Why it Matters
2. Introduction to the Specialization, Courses, and Capstone
3. User Interface Hall of Fame / Shame
Case Study :
#1 : UI Disasters, including GPS fails
2 : Corporate Value: Citibank ATM
3 : Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon
4 : International Children’s Digital Library
5 : Taxes and Tickets
6 : AirBnB vs. CouchSurfing

b). UI Design Process

1. Design Process Introduction
2. Designing to Address a Problem w/o Solution Ideas
3. Designing for a known solution direction
4. Designing to iterate on/improve an existing solution
5. Common Elements
6. Usability Engineering and Task-Centered Approaches
7. Use Cases, Personas, Tasks, and Scenarios
8. Intro to Design-Centered Approaches
9. Design-Centered Methods & When They Work Best
10. Pulling it all Together: Best from Each; Practical Techniques for someone who isn’t a trained designer
11. Assignment Video: Tasks and Scenarios

c). Psychology and Human Factors for User Interface Design

1. Intro
2. Fitts’ Law
3. Short- and long-term memory, attention
4. Perception and visualization, hierarchy
5. Mistakes, Errors, and Slips
6. Conceptual models
7. The Gulf of Execution and the Gulf of Evaluation
8. Design Principles: Visibility, Feedback, Mappings, Constraints
9. Interacting beyond individuals (social psychology)
10. High-Level Models: Distributed Cognition, Activity Theory, Situated Action
11. Assignment Video: Interface Critiques
For more inputs on Introduction to User Interface you can connect here.
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