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Oracle Supply Chain Analytics in Bahrain

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Oracle Supply Chain Analytics in Bahrain

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics in Bahrain provides robust supply-side information, metrics, and alerts that integrate with the other applications in the Oracle Business Intelligence Applications product line.

They say this insight across the organization to increase the company’s effectiveness in managing its customers, suppliers, and financial decisions. Specific products enable organizations to analyze detailed performance areas that affect revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics, part of the Oracle BI Applications product line, enables organizations to optimize the supply-side performance by integrating the information from across the enterprise value chain and allowing the executives, managers, and frontline employees to make more informed and actionable decisions.

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics in Bahrain Modules

  • Procurement and Spend Analytics

Provides complete visibility into direct and indirect spend across the enterprise, payment, and employee expenses. Example analyses are spent by the Commodity & Supplier, by the Purchase Org, Cost Center, and expense by Employee, Buyer, etc.

  • Supplier Performance Analytics

Enables organizations to have a complete picture of the performance of the suppliers, adding the complete supplier scorecards, procurement cycle times, the supplier price performance, delivery performance, product receipt quality, on-time payment ratings, payment activity, and volume and payments due/overdue analysis.

  • Inventory Analytics

Incorporates analysis of inventory carried by the organization; bill of materials; and the inventory movements in, out, and through manufacturing plants, distribution centers, or storage locations.

This allows the companies to observe the inventory levels trend to the Sales performance to make better cost exposure, boost turnover through the inventory level reduction and increased velocity, properly deploy inventory at the right place / right time and better understand Customer and Supplier Return to maintain quality.

Organizations using the Oracle Supplychain Analytics advantages from boosted visibility into the complete supply chain method, including comprehensive procurement and spend analysis, supplier performance analysis, inventory analysis, and supplier
payables analysis. Through complete end-to-end insight into the factors that impact supply chain performance, organizations can significantly reduce costs, enhance profitability, increase customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage.

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