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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is registration mandatory for employees?

Yes, each and every employee should register here as a part of the employee induction program.

What after the registration?

Every registration will automatically generate the email to the employee personal email ID mentioned in the employee personal data form and to the reporting manager as well as the HR manager. Employee login credentials will be available after the activation from all the 3 mail recipients.

What is employee portal?

Employee portal is the website for Locus IT employees which is the medium for all their communications with the management related to projects and other relations.

Can I apply leave here?

Yes, all your leaves need to be updated here 1 week in advance. You can check the leave status in employee portal.

Can I submit my timesheet?

Yes, it is mandatory for all the employees to submit the timesheet at the end of every working day.  The payroll software considers only the timesheet submitted by the employee as a day of present.

Can I access my tasks here?

Yes, your project tasks are assigned in employee portal. Project management and scheduling is part of the employee portal.
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