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Cybersecurity Governance Framework in UAE

Cybersecurity Governance Framework in UAE

Cybersecurity Governance Framework in UAE focus on the key components of such a structure. A cyber Security framework carries the set of management tools, a risk management approach and, more importantly, a security awareness program covering everyone in the organization from top to bottom.

In other words, every organization needs to have a complete cybersecurity governance framework to fully address all of their cybersecurity needs. There are a few key components that play the crucial roles in shaping the security posture and are therefore crucial for long-term success.

These components are:

  • Organizational structure;
  • Work culture;
  • Security awareness programs;
  • Cybersecurity governance.

Cybersecurity Governance Framework in UAE Components

  • Organizational Structure

How the organization is structured, and how that drives security-related initiatives, plays an important role in defining and shaping its security posture.

A well-defined security and compliance chain of management within the organizational structure are one of the key components of this framework. It not only verifies the management is better suited to contribute to security issues but also shows how focused the organization is on the cause.

  • Work Culture

What is the work culture inside the organization? This may involve how teams look at the information security and how they respond to organizational changes, which are coming at a fast pace.

These are vital to the formation of the cybersecurity culture. Traditional methods of working and interactions with different stakeholders within or outside the organization need to be adjusted as per the changing landscape.

  • Security Awareness

If employees don’t know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to the security, then the chances of their falling into undesirable traps are much higher.

Besides the traditional method of setting up the security compliance-related policies, organizations need to objectively focus on awareness and education programs. Businesses need to have the policy to demonstrate their commitment to, and the seriousness of, making their workforce aware of the ecosystem in which they operate.

  • Cybersecurity Governance

Governance plays an important role in achieving the security of the company not only for current needs but to ensure well-drafted mitigation plans for future challenges.

To address the problems, the governance framework sees the improvements to security policies; the implementation of technical controls; audits and assessments; and driving awareness among people to shape their attitude toward secure behaviors.

For the future challenges, governance framework focuses on appearing the threat factors, fast-moving changes in the technological landscape, people’s views and behavior and — perhaps most importantly — the work culture transformations being pushed by CAMS.

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