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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in Qatar

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in Qatar

Designed for business, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in Qatar includes pre-built templates, integration to SAP and other data sources and the power of SAP HANA. This managed service solution will permit businesses to achieve results faster, benefit from simple cloud based end user analytics and have the flexibility to control costs and pay for what you utilize.

  • Identify opportunities faster with pre-built templates and machine learning
  • Keeps business users and IT in sync, avoiding data silos and unexpected costs
  • In-memory data management, including data privacy and anonymization

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in Qatar Capabilities

1. Turn your Data into Value Instantly

  • Pre-built business templates to fit LOB and/or specific industries
  • Consolidated view of data across relevant data sources
  • Pre-integration with SAP apps and technologies allows automatic access to cloud or on-prem data sets
  • Supports different types of data with engines designed to analyse complex and unconventional data sets

2. Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use, Easy to Share

  • Minimize copies of the same data by sharing one cloud data warehouse
  • Visualization tooling that allows deeper insights with less effort, unparalleled transparency and ability to act decisively with rich, contextual information

3. Performance Without Compromise

  • Diverse pricing models to fit a variety of requirements
  • Elasticity to scale up or down on demand
  • Reduces ongoing costs by minimizing management costs and enabling self service for business users

Why Choose SAP Data Warehousing Solutions?

  • Agile Development

Develop smart, real time applications that combine advanced analytics and transactions and deploy them on any device with SAP HANA.

  • Support for Multiple Data Types

Unify all types of data in one solution by integrating and collecting the data in real time on a single platform.

  • Data Integration

Transform your data into a trusted, ever-ready resource for business insight with extensive data integration that allows users to connect data rather than just collect it.

  • Flexible Deployment Options

Take advantage of true hybrid compatibility offered by SAP HANA to develop once and deploy anywhere with the flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options.

Powered by SAP HANA, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an enterprise cloud data warehouse solution in the market, combining data management processes with the broadest advanced analytics assisting in making confident decisions all in one, all in the cloud. For more information on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in Qatar, please contact us.

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