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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse in Bahrain

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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse in Bahrain

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse in Bahrain is a fully managed database that is optimized and tuned for data warehouse workloads with the market leading performance of Oracle Database. It delivers a completely new, comprehensive cloud experience for data warehousing that is easy, fast and elastic.

This service uses artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented reliability, performance and highly elastic data management that enables data warehouse deployment in seconds.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse in Bahrain Features

  • Self-Driving

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse utilizes machine learning to automatically tune, patch, upgrade, monitor and secure your database without any manual intervention or downtime.

Users will be able to provision a data warehouse in a matter of minutes, without depending on specialized experts. Self-tuning and scaling helps you to store and compute resources more efficiently while your database is running so you pay for only what you use.

  • Self-Securing

Oracle Autonomous Database automatically backs up your data and applies all security updates, including end to end encryption of data while the system is running. In addition, all access is monitored and tracked and appropriate action is automatically taken to ensure that bad actors, whether internal or external, are prevented from accessing your data.

With Oracle, multilayered, in-depth protection from both external and internal vulnerabilities and attacks make sure that your data is safe. Automatic application of patches and backup keep your data secured and eliminate manual error prone manual processing, so the security of your data is not left to chance.

  • Self-Repairing

Oracle Autonomous Database automatically recovers from any downtime, including system failures, human errors and maintenance and ensures that your mission critical applications are always online. It uses artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented reliability and performance to data-warehouse deployments.

Data Warehouse Benefits

  • Easy

Deploying a data warehouse can be done in a matter of minutes. For new deployments, users specify tables, load data, then run their workloads with only a few clicks no manual tuning or database experts needed.

  • Fast

Autonomous Data Warehouse is built on Oracle Exadata, using capabilities such as parallelism, columnar processing and compression to deliver unmatched high performance, scalability and reliability.

  • Elastic

Storage and compute resources can be scaled independently with database services running and with no downtime. You pay only for resources consumed when you need them without any interruptions.

Autonomous Data Warehouse is a Oracle Database software running on Oracle Exadata infrastructure that is optimized to deliver unbeatable performance for data warehouse workloads.

Built-in adaptive machine learning removes manual labor for administrative management. With Oracle, enterprise and business users can now build their own data warehouse, data mart or sandbox in a few minutes. For more information on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse in Bahrain, please contact us.

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