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IBM DB2 Warehouse in Saudi Arabia

IBM DB2 Warehouse in Saudi Arabia

IBM DB2 Warehouse in Saudi Arabia is a software defined data warehouse for private and virtual clouds that support Docker container technology. This data warehousing approach is client managed and optimized for fast and flexible deployment. Expect automated scaling to meet agile analytic workloads.

DB2 Warehouse is a suite of products that combines the strength of DB2 with a data warehousing infrastructure from IBM. You can utilize the IBM DB2 Warehouse to build a complete data warehousing solution that includes the data access capabilities, a highly scalable relational database and front end analysis tools.

IBM DB2 Warehouse in Saudi Arabia Components

The following components are provided in DB2 Warehouse:

1. DB2 Warehouse Design Studio

The Design Studio provides a common design environment for creating physical data models, OLAP cubes, SQL data flows, and control flows. The Design Studio is built on the Eclipse Workbench, which is a development environment that you can customize,

2. DB2 Warehouse Administration Console

DB2 Warehouse Administration Console is a web application using which you can deploy and manage applications, database resources, control flows and system resources. You can do the following types of tasks in the Administration Console:

    • Common configuration
    • SQL warehousing
    • Mining

3. Cognos Dynamic Cubes

You can use DB2 Warehouse with Cognos Dynamic Cubes to leverage substantial in-memory data assets as well as aggregate awareness in order to achieve high performance interactive analysis and reporting over terabytes of warehouse data.

4. Cognos 10 Business Intelligence For Reporting

IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence For Reporting lets organizations implement a rich set of business intelligence capabilities. It is an ideal solution for companies that want to consolidate data marts, information silos, and business analytics to deliver a single version of the truth to all users. It allows easy creation of reports and quick analysis of data from the data warehouse.

5. IBM Optim Performance Manager Extended Edition

Optim Performance Manager Extended Edition is a follow onto IBM DB2 Performance Expert. Optim Performance Manager Extended Edition assists in the optimization of the availability and performance of mission critical databases and applications.

6. Intelligent Miner

IBM DB2 Warehouse includes the following mining features:

    • Intelligent Miner Easy Mining
    • Intelligent Miner Modeling
    • Intelligent Miner Scoring

These features provide rapid enablement of data mining analysis in Data Warehousing, eCommerce, or traditional Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) application programs. While previously available as separately priced products, they are now available as an integrated part of DB2 Warehouse.

With Locus IT‘s IBM DB2 Warehouse in Saudi Arabia, you can create business insight from unstructured information. You can extract information from the text columns in your data warehouse then utilize the extracted information in reports, multidimensional analysis, or as input for data mining. For more information on IBM DB2 Warehouse in Saudi Arabia, please contact us.

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