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Port Management System in Morocco

Port Management System in Morocco

A Port Management System in Morocco is a software application to support the administration and operations of port authorities in managing and recording all activities occurring in a port, thus supporting the business processes of the port authority. You are able to manage, plan and see all the actions and movements in the port.

The system also contributes to the compliance to national and international regulatory requirements providing timely and accurate data to all stakeholders and helps the financial aspects, such as invoicing, of a ship’s visit and it provides information to service providers, terminals, waste collectors, ship chandlers and government.

Port Management System in Morocco Solution

  • With Port Management System you can increase the efficiency in your port since it records all activities for you.
  • The responsible party enters the required information in the system giving you the most up-to-date data.
  • It supplies a clear overview of the (actual and expected) movements in a port and to/from a terminal: all details of the vessel and visit the information in one place.
  • It is possible to exchange the data with existing applications: the Port Management System can connect to other systems to exchange data, e.g. vessel traffic services or ERP-systems.

The Port Management System reports the number of visits, vessel types, cargo, berth efficiency or other information that is provided.  Based on the recorded data, a calculation of the port dues for a vessel’s visit has to be prepared only once.

Systematic Framework for Port Management System in Morocco

  • Ports are subject to a variety of activities, adding the maritime transport, shipping, and marine services.
  • Beyond port management bodies, an interlocking network of various administrative organizations manages port-related social and economic activities.
  • At present, port users and administrators (port management bodies and port management and administration organizations) are being urged to electronically exchange information on administrative procedures.

The port management bodies to interfere with the ventures of the private sector or to conduct any business that competes with the private sector. In the course of managing and operating the port, they are forbidden to create any prejudicial distinctions in their treatment of persons or entities connected with the port.

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