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Microsoft Social Listening

Companies that embrace social selling increasingly have a competitive advantage over companies that don’t. Buyers now engage later in the buying process and conduct the vast majority of their research before they ever contact your sales people. Building a relationship through social networks is key, and social selling provides you with the opportunity to build relationships with customers before they approach you to make a purchase.

Microsoft Social Listening provides you with the tools that you need to monitor conversations across the Internet, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blog comments. With the proper tools, you can stay aware of what’s being written about your company in social media, react nimbly to any criticisms or customer-service issues, and build relationships with customers and potential customers who are social-media users.

Microsoft Social Listening Features
  • • View the social buzz about your brands at a glance.
  • • See the number of posts that your keywords are generating.
  • • Track number of posts across blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and video platforms.
  • • Identify positive and negative sentiment across social media platforms
  • • Analyze keywords in native language to pick up sentiments that may be lost in translation.
  • • Set up alerts to notify you when you need to intervene to change the conversation about your brands and products.
  • • Respond to individual posts from within Microsoft Social Listening.
Microsoft Social Listening as part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional license
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