A simple and easy to use, end to end web based portal which offers monitoring and tracking of any documents such as licenses and permits for customers and vehicles. The solution is mainly applicable for Transport Authorities, Parking Authorities and Port Authorities where the entry of every unregistered vehicle needs to go through a procedure of “Approval for Permit”.

1.    Easy to configure and update the types of licenses or permits in any organization, compliance, charges and validity of each.

2.    Online, user centric, easy to apply Applications for “Approval for Permit” that can be either User Access, License to Operate or Vehicle Permit depending upon the organization.

3.    Centralize and track the Applications received.

4.    Periodic Email Alerts on the status of the application. Sends notifications around expiration and renewal dates.

5.    Easy to create and update the user profiles

6.    Streamline task tracking and follow-up activity management

7.    Instant access to data from any location

8.    Provides real-time visibility to the compliance status of each permit across the organization.

9.    User friendly reports generated for permit expiration and renewal dates

10.    Be audit ready with automated document archiving, built-in communication logs, and activity tracking.


Every customers/users are supposed to do a one-time registration to start using the application. This process is named as User Profile Authentication System(UPAS). The customer uses the link provided in the website of the organization for registration and when the mandatory fields are filled, a verification mail is sent. This helps in verifying each customer. The customer authentication may also require additional documents to be uploaded for verification.

Once registered and verified, the customer can login to the PMS portal. This module allows the customer to enter all the required details such as the profile of the company, including the key users who would be using the portal as well as the details of the vehicles. Accessibility to each module can be defined user-wise.

This module is used by the customers to enter the details required for any kind of application. And can be customized according to the operation of the organization.

The documents required to be uploaded maybe different for each process like passport copy, vehicle regsitration documents, insurance cover, This is categorized into following:

Authorization Section: This can be only accessed by Authorizers for approving and tracking the applications.

Notification Section: This sends auto email to the every user or applicant who has requested for any kind of approval, and the Authorizers on the status of each application

Payment Section: This generates an invoice for all the applications. Once generated, the applicant can proceed with the payment through the payment gateway.

Document Section: The permit document either for the user or vehicle is generated after going through all the mandatory approval process.

a. The Customer accesses the portal to login and then applies for License/Pass/Permit and uploads the scanned documents required for each application.

b. PMS will authorize the documents and proceed to next step of obtaining approving for the required License/Pass/Permit.

c. Customers pays the fee according to the invoice raised and it is tracked in the system as paid

d. Dnce done the status of each application is sent to the customer via mail

e. Customer receives the License/Pass/Permit

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