Business Intelligence Support Maintenance Bangalore India

Business Intelligence Support & Maintenance

We provide persistent 24x7 services for BI support and maintenance services. Locus IT services range from critical reporting cycle on call services to dedicated end to end onsite support.

The analysis, assessment and management of risks are crucial for an organization’s productivity. The key challenges faced by an organization are countering or combating the following:

Time consuming processes, use of multiple systems, major customization efforts related to large amount of code and high licensing costs due to the implementation of numerous systems and applications.

The Locus IT umbrella of Services

We offer a dedicated and relentless 24x7 approach which is flexible and offers a wide array of services including:

  • Planning cycle roll out
  • Financial Data Entry
  • Trouble shooting
  • Change Management

For IT we demonstrate how costs can be controlled whilst optimizing EPM solutions and managing predefined service level agreements. For Finance, the arduous task of recruiting, training and managing the skill sets for effective application management is significantly reduced.

The flexibility of our support model provides support & maintenance services ranging from critical reporting cycle on call services to dedicated end to end onsite support.

The unsurpassed e-Zest Value

Our highly competent professional and maintenance support for our customers is:

  • Cost effective

    We ensure the cost effectiveness of the software support and maintenance

  • Instills confidence

    This is built up as an outcome of the smooth and effective functioning of the software and our quick response to all your needs.

  • Planned Software Evolution

    This ensures aggressive business growth. A well planned System Monitoring and user support guarantee its efficacy. We recommend strategies for software evolution based on an in depth study of customer priorities and estimated returns from the modifications.

  • Our Software Support

    Includes warranty, development resource availability and user support

  • Software Maintenance

    Minimization of software down time and maintaining maximum availability of support staff, coupled with a quick procedure of log in to resolve maintenance related issues which ensure our efficacy.

  • Our business value

    Covers streamlining of IT processes, improving business margins, superior real time governance and risk management due to greater visibility and reduction in annual licensing costs with a consolidation of servers.


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