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Industry Solutions

One size fits all' - We have always disagreed to this one. While many vendors subscribe to this philosophy, Locus IT has always believed that every industry requires a different software solution approach which is tailored around the unique challenges based on the industry.

That is why we have dedicated teams which take care of various industry activities. We have satisfied clients present across many sectors across the globe. We have also developed products that cater to the demands of specific industries. We specialize in building solutions for the following industries:


  • Healthcare Product Engineering

    Help make your products become a great success in the market with a faster go-to-market strategy.

  • Healthcare Enterprise Services

    Our clients have been effectively using our technology expertise to facilitate an interconnected and streamlined environment.

  • Healthcare Professional Services

    Providing Healthcare IT professionals to all medium and large enterprises globally to meet their business objectives.


  • Application Development
  • Re-Engineering and Maintenance
  • Solution integration
  • Global Deployment and Technical Consulting
These services are provided with expertise in areas such as:

  • Front end Technology
  • Internet Technology – SaaS, SOA
  • CRM, ERP, Enterprise Knowledge Management
  • Middleware Technology and EAI
  • Mobile Technology
Our BFSI experience spans solutions such as:

  • Risk management
  • Fraud Analytics and Compliance Solutions
  • Data Management and Content Management
  • Core Systems Business Process Management Enterprise Solutions


  • Consulting services for automation of Product manufacturing life cycle.
  • Migration of legacy application into latest technologies such as .NET and Java for better efficiency
  • Maintenance and Support Services for all IT infrastructure
  • Customized product development for all production processes
  • Consultancy for integration with Hardware and other platforms
  • Development of software tools such as Document management application, customized accounting packages to increase efficiency
  • Engineering services outsourcing

Travel and Tourism

  • Complete CRM application for travel agents, tour operators, airlines etc.
  • Complete accounting package for maintaining daily transactions.
  • Integrating and interfacing of applications.
  • Migrating from legacy applications to Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM.
  • Locus IT has helped its clients define innovative product features and functionalities to meet the evolving market demands, ahead of their competition while reducing their market and technology risks.

Public Sector

Identification of Govt. Departments with maximum citizen interface:

Government departments, which have maximum interaction with the public, must be identified for the use of IT. Listed below are a few such departments that can be considered:

Public Grievances:

Electricity, Water, Telephone, Ration Card, Sanitation, Public Transport, Police

Rural Services:

Land Records, Below Poverty Line (BPL) /EWS Families

  • FIR Registration, Lost and Found
  • Valuables, Persons, Dead Bodies
Social Services:
  • Pension
  • Old Age, Widows, Exgratia Scheme
  • Acquisition / Rehabilitation and Compensation
  • Registration of Licenses and Certificates
  • Ration Cards, Birth Certificates, Death Certificate, Domicile Certificate, Caste / Tribe Certificate, Arms Renewal, Registration of Documents, School Registration, University Registration, Motor Vehicle Registration, Driving License


E-Learning is any learning that utilizes electronics devices like computer/PDA/Mobile and/or utilizes a network (LAN, WAN or Internet) for delivery, interaction, or facilitation. It can be synchronous , asynchronous, instructor-led or computer-based or a combination.


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