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Retail Sales Analytics

Locus IT's sales analytics solutions offer deep insight into what products customers want and how to reach those customers with targeted promotions. An unprecedented amount of data is available today, and you need solutions that analyze multiple data sources to provide insight to compete effectively. Locus IT's expert solutions provide fast, business relevant information when you need it using internal customer sales, product data and readily available external data.

Retail Sales Analytics Gain Market Insight

Gain Market Insight

Use all market, product and customer data available, both internal and external, to gain social insight into markets

Retail Sales Analytics Increase sales

Increase Sales

Enhance customer experiences and increase sales revenue with new product designs and targeted promotions.

Retail sales Analytics improve efficiancy

Improve Efficiency

Improve procurement process and buyer's efficiency through better understanding of customer preferences and buying habits.

Locus IT Sales Analytics solutions give you a competitive advantage by providing insight into customer buying habits through analysis of multiple data sources. Examining what social chatter tells you, along with sales data analysis, leads to accurate sales forecasts and increased revenues.

Retail Sales Analytics Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Social media offers seemingly unlimited access to what current and potential customers are saying about products. Social media users share buying preferences and their likes and dislikes about product features. Social media analytics can help you make better decisions more quickly on what to offer your their customers.


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