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Fraud Analytics

Detect and prevent fraud and financial crime before it happens, while investigating and mitigating the financial impact in the event it does occur.

Locus IT’s expert consulting team is well-versed with IBM tools. IBM Fraud and Financial Crimes Management is designed to bridge the technology and intelligence gap to help organizations spot financial crime patterns early, and enable them to implement countermeasures more quickly to protect the institution and clients against financial fraud.

Multichannel Fraud Analytics LocusIT

IBM Multi-Channel Fraud Analytics for Banking

A complete fraud solution from detection, through investigation, triage, case management, and reporting. Using advanced fraud analytics improves the effectiveness and efficiency of analysts and investigators and closes the gaps in fraud visibility across all channels and payment types.

Anti Money Laundering AML Solution LocusIT

IBM AML Monitoring and Analytics for Banking

Augment and enhance exisiting Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs with rich analytic functions including entity resolution, event triage and alert enrichment. Both reduce false positives and accelerate fraud investigation.


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