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Cyber Analytics

At Locus IT, we offer a collection of services that dig deeper into your network to identify unnoticed activity that may be silently attacking your infrastructure. Our experts work collaboratively to understand your needs and recommend a fine-tuned engagement to address existing concerns and provide an objective assessment of your security preparedness.

Threat Intelligence Service

Taking a deep dive into your security landscape and position, we analyze your level of preparedness and provide recommendations to resolve vulnerabilities and protect your network from suspicious threats

Cyber Hunting Service

We apply our best and brightest talent and methodologies to collect and analyze your network data, pinpointing suspicious activity indicative of a threat before it can impact your business.

Security Operations Center Service

Our tier 2 and 3 security analysts augment your security operations staff to assist in denying, disrupting and containing cyber-attacks from impacting your network operations.

Discovery Workflow Engineering

We leverage both technical analysis and development to answer your most important questions regarding the hardware, software, and data flow components of a “system”, learning the details of how they interact with one another until we know it inside and out.

Network Analysis

We leverage a well-known and respected network analysis capability within the Intelligence Community that allows us to know a network inside and out and enables continued success for mission customers across a wide technical landscape.

Signal Processing

All organizations need to be informed of the security status of their devices. Our digital signal processing uses pattern matching and machine learning to help organizations quickly examine, classify and triage attempted break-ins to mobile devices.

Malware Analysis

We work to prevent and mitigate malicious activity on your network. Our specialized solution includes our own proprietary network security device, which allows seamless network integration while also keeping the bad guys out and your business safe.

Cloud Analytics

Combining in-depth technical knowledge and expertise of Hadoop, MapReduce, Giraph, Spark, and other cloud technologies, our experts create analytics that combine data in new ways. We help you convert cloud-based data into actionable information to support your corporate and technical missions.


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